Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo


To download the saved game files for this game, simply click on the "Download File" link below. For further instructions on how to use the saved game files, please view the Saved Game Guide. A program such as PKUnzip is required to open the files prior to use.

File Contains:

rec_data0 (Place the file in the game directory. The phrase "SAVEDATA1 LOADED" will appear after the game starts to confirm that the file has been loaded. Now all Street Puzzle mode secrets and all characters' items are collected. Master Puzzle mode is unlocked. Dan, Akuma and Devilot are playable. Special colors of all normal characters are selectable. All soundtracks and voice collections are unlocked. All the intermission demos are unlocked. All illustrations are unlocked. Sakura's song are unlocked.)

Download File

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