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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [F8] to display the console window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes, then press [F8] again to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Up] or [Down] with the console window open to move through previously entered commands.

Result Cheat Code
Enable developer debug menu and keysexternInclude developer:main
God modeexternInclude developer:immortal
God mode, full health, all weapons, ammo, upgradesexternInclude developer:stuffed
All weaponsexternInclude developer:givestuff
Ammunition for all weapons and 100 flashlight energyexternInclude developer:reloadstuff
Full healthexternInclude developer:fullhealth
All keys for levelexternInclude developer:giveallkeys
Lose all keys for levelexternInclude developer:loseallkeys
Open a nearby doorexternInclude developer:open_door
Open all remote doorsexternInclude developer:openallremotedoors
Close all remote doorsexternInclude developer:closeallremotedoors
Win current missionsetMissionSuccessCounter 1
Lose current mission, crashes gamesetMissionFailureCounter 1
Aliens spawn and attackexternInclude developer:spawn_alienattack
Warp player 300 units forward on mapexternInclude developer:warpforward
Warp player 3,000 units forward on mapexternInclude developer:warpmore
Spawn Alien Type 0externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien1
Spawn Alien Type 4externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien2
Spawn Alien Type 9externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien3
Spawn Alien Type 11externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien4
Hide user interfacehideGUI
Show user interfaceshowGUI
Display messagemessage [text]
All AI disabled, doors immovabledisableAllAI
All AI enabled, doors movableenableAllAI
Enemies cannot moveenableHostileAI
Enemies move againdisableHostileAI
Quit gamequit

Debug menu and developer keys

Use one of the following keys after the "externInclude developer:main" code is enabled. Press [F2] and [F3] to move through the debug menu options. Press [F4] to select the current option.

Result Key
Toggle God mode[F6]
God mode, full health, all weapons, ammo, upgrades[F7]
Warp player 300 units forward on map[F5]
Cycle camer mode[F9]
Open Anirecorder[F10]
Rotate camera leftI
Rotate camera rightO
Toggle unit modeK
Next camera angle boundaryL
Zoom camera in[Keypad Plus]
Zoom camera out[Keypad Minu]s
Zoom next camera[Keypad Enter]
Multiple unit select[Shift] + L
Multiple Unit select[Shift] + R
Select all units~

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