Shadowrun: Hong Kong


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [Alt] + [F1] to enable cheat mode. Click "CMD" at the top-left corner, then type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Super speed, invincibility, high damage toggleGodMode or God
Gain indicated AP addAP [number]
Gain indicated karma to current player addKarma [number]
Restore action points restoreAP
Set health setHP [number]
More health +HP
Less health -HP
Every action has 100% hit chance toggleNeverMiss
Kill all enemies in specified radius slaughter [number]
Kill all visible enemies deathray
Stun all visible enemies stunray
End team's turn endturn
More action points +AP
Less action points -AP
+2 Karma points +2k
+500 money
-500 money
Modify character skin tone clr
Change running speed outside of combat mov[percentage]
Change all movement speed all[percentage]
Commit suicide suicide
Unknown warp


Use the indicated passcodes at the listed locations:

Walled City
Smuggler's Den5465
Strangler Bao6378
Repulse Bay Hotel
Penthouse apartment #2, Neville Ma1635
Emperor's Museum
System passwordTennyson
Misdirection - Ares mission
Taylor's door98144
Hardingham's door23847
Bad Qi
The Extraction
Locked Emporium door00006
Mistress's front door112798
Prosperity Tower
Floor B3 uniform locker2627
Floor B3 first aid station4990
Special Projects communications data storeScion
Special Projects device operationsProdigal
Floor 49 containment door1915
Equipment room8974
Floor 12 access code, part 144526
Floor 12 access code, part 225301

Easy "Built For The Streets" achievement

All ten Cyberware slots must be filled. Consider doing this with a Street Samurai archetype. Since each upgrade requires nuyen and essence, choose them carefully. Increase Body and Cyberware Affinity to Level 6 to give you +2 essence (+1 at Level 3 and +1 at Level 6). Plan your upgrades so that your essence does not drop below 1. To get enough money for the upgrades, complete all the missions, find valuable data in the matrix to sell, sell off unwanted items, sell metadata to Maximum Law, and limit the number of medkits, grenades, and other consumables that you purchase.

Easy "Chunky Salsa" achievement

Grenades fired from grenade launchers will not qualify. Grenades do lower damage but are cheap to purchase. Fill your inventory with them. Use thrown grenades to finish off enemies that were softened with other weapons. Some of your companions will use grenades during missions and these will be restocked for the next mission. For example, Racter's drone brings up to three grenades. Later, Duncan will get an upgrade that allows him catch grenades and throw them back. When playing a street samurai or other cyber character, you can obtain the same ability by investing in a particular cyberarm.

Easy "Clear!" achievement

Shock Hand is a cyberweapon that is available in Heoi from 10-arm Ambrose. Shock Glove is a melee weapon that is only available during the Whampoa Serial Killer mission from breaker Hui at street level. Equip either item and use the special "stun" attack. For the Shock Hand, you must use the stun attack from the "Equipment" menu. It resembles the stun attack from the normal "Attack" menu but has slightly different stats (more AP drain and less damage). Using it from the "Attack" menu will not qualify.

Easy "Law Breaker" achievement

Maximum Law is an NPC merchant, decker gear, at the middle of Heoi. Speak with him after completing missions for Kindly Cheng. He will offer to buy metadata from you for 200 nuyen each. Metadata is gossip about the runs you have been doing. After selling him a few pieces of metadata, Bao will ask to meet with you at the Mahjong Parlor. Meet Bao before doing any other missions. Bao will ask you to get rid of Law. Speak with Law. You can either convince him to leave town or kill him. If you choose to kill him, you will need a Strength of 6 or Close Combat skill of 5. To run him out of town, use the conversation options. He will not actually leave until after your next mission.

Easy "Memory Lane" achievement

Is0bel's story requires that you do her personal run, where you infiltrate a convention. Progress through the mission without shooting anyone, and diffuse the final part so that she leaves on good terms with the target. Exhaust every conversation option with her after each mission. She should stop having things to say about the Walled City a few missions before the last mission. After the final mission, talk to Is0bel.

Easy "Monster Squad" achievement

Gaichu must be recruited into your team of Shadowrunners. This will happen early, during the mission to find out who is killing the Whampoan elders. Choose to not kill Gaichu and take his side against the elders. It does not matter if you obtained enough evidence to convince the judge. During the mission for Kindly's friend, where he asks you to find evidence on a producer, do not kill Ku Feng. After the fight with her on the roof, you will ask her some questions. Select the third option, "I want to have you reach your full potential" to get her as a friend, and she will fire the actress. She will not join your team, but will instead owe you a favor. Bring Gaichu along during the final mission. He must survive the mission until Ku FengKu Feng joins during the second part.

Easy "No Stone Unturned" achievement

Jack into five computer terminals in the Prosperity Tower mission near the end of the game and retrieve data from two nodes in each terminal. All five terminals are part of the same system. You only have a single system trace meter for all five incursions. Four of them can be reached without starting combat, however you cannot reach both terminals on floor 49 without combat. It is recommended to start in the basement and work your way up. Although this can be done with Is0bel, you must be skilled at matrix missions. Use the suppression program to reduce trace by 50 when fighting combat IC (they only increment trace by 5). Additionally, avoid seeker programs. If triggered, immediately take them because they cause +20 trace. You can find passwords for two of the nodes, but the mini-game must be completed to get the others. The least violent approach requires many charisma, etiquette, and skill checks. The violent approach requires fighting several waves of security on each floor. If an alarm is sounded, you will only have three rounds to deck in and shut it down, which can prove to be difficult. If you shut it down, you will only need to face the security already in the floor. The non-violent path is as follows:

    Basement security terminal: Talk to the floor manager. Go to the locker room and change into janitor uniforms. Talk to her again and fix the thing. Take the additional request, then return and allow the second device to explode. The manager will send you to security to fill out a report.

    Floor 26 VIP terminal: Make a deal with Mr. Johnson and jack in before leaving his office.

    Floor 26 security terminal: Talk to the middle management woman to be sent across the floor to another terminal (no decking required). Return and get the security keycard.

    Floor 49 security terminal and floor 49 head mage terminal: Talk to the summoner. Listen long enough and he will give you the code for the door in the middle of the floor. Go there and release the creature. If you send the creature towards the summoner, the security guards will appear and give you access to the security room. If you sent it towards the head mage, you can convince her into leaving to allow you access to her terminal. You cannot do both of those things. Reaching the fifth terminal will require initiating combat.

Easy "Pays For Itself" achievement

You must play as a character that can get cybernetics without wrecking them. Since none of the NPCs have this cybernetic, it must done with the main character. Approximately halfway through the storyline, the auto-loader arm becomes available. Afterwards, any time your character needs to reload, the arm will do it automatically at no cost in AP. Allow this to happen ten times to get the "Pays For Itself" achievement.

Easy "Posthuman" achievement

During an early run where you are supposed to steal a laser, Racter will mention he wants to go along. Bring him and complete the additional objective to get further in his story. Talk to him each time you finish a mission. Near the end of the game, he should no longer have things to say after missions. After the final mission, talk to Racter to get the "Posthuman" achievement.

Easy "Tastes Like Chicken" achievement

During the Whampoa serial killer mission, get near the end of the storage locker to find a table with meat, and eat it. Note: This happens just before encountering Gaichu. During the Neville Ma/Repulse Bay Hotel mission, progress to where you reach Neville Ma's apartment, and drink the wine that you find. Note: This happens just before encountering Ku Feng.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    (Don't) Conserve Ammo: Kill 15 enemies using a full-auto rifle or minigun.
    A Pirate's Life for Me: Live out your days on the Benteng.
    Bagged and Tagged: Zip-tie 3 enemies with Duncan's Subdue ability.
    Behind the Curtain: Listen to all developer commentary.
    Boom: Hit four or more enemies with an area of effect attack.
    Built for the Streets: Have every cyberware slot filled by an enhancement.
    By the Book?: Kill Gaichu in the Whampoa Gardens.
    Calling the Shots: Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies.
    Charmed Life: Complete Shadows of Hong Kong after taking Qian Ya's deal in the main campaign.
    Chunky Salsa: Kill 5 enemies with grenades.
    Clear!: Stun 5 enemies with the Shock Glove or Shock Hand.
    Come Forth: Summon 5 spirits from places in the environment.
    Description: Crawled.
    Full Circle: Help Kindly relocate the Yellow Lotus to the Redmond Barrens.
    God Puncher: Punch the final boss.
    Good Fortune: Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence.
    Heavy Metal: Gain control of a Spider Tank.
    Home Again: Regain your SIN and return to Seattle.
    Hot Potato: Throw back three grenades with the Shiawase Loader Arm.
    I Don't Get Paid Enough for This: Get the last of the Tsang guards to let you pass after rescuing Raymond from Prosperity Tower.
    I Don't Have a Problem: Use 5 "combat stims.".
    I Feel Great!: Heal more than 30 damage in a single cast of Heal Wound.
    It's Just One City: Make a deal with Qian Ya, the Queen With a Thousand Teeth.
    It's Called Being Thorough: Blow up all the police vehicles in the motor pool.
    Just a Pawn: Spared the Plastic-Faced Man.
    Just in Case: Get all pips while hacking a Blocker IC.
    Law Breaker: Run Maximum Law out of town or kill him.
    Lessons Learned: Complete Gobbet's storyline.
    Like a Powder Keg: Blow up a police vehicle in the motor pool.
    Little Helpers: Use drones to kill 15 enemies.
    Making Amends: Watch Raymond Black sacrifice himself to shut down the Fortune Engine.
    Memory Lane: Complete Is0bel's storyline.
    Monster Squad: Have Gaichu and Ku Feng on your team during the final mission.
    More Bullets, More Effective: Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG.
    No Loose Ends: Leave Qiu to die.
    No Mercy: Killed the Plastic-Faced Man.
    No Stone Unturned: Hit all data stores and the core system nodes in Prosperity Tower.
    Patient Zero: Steal a sample of the SARS III.
    Pays For Itself: Skip 10 reloads with the Auto-Loader Cyber-Arm.
    Pinball Wizard: Hit three or more enemies with a bouncing magic spell.
    Posthuman: Complete Racter's storyline.
    Punching Deck: Steal paydata from a high security system.
    Pyrrhic Victory: Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence, taking Raymond Black with her.
    Rats! Rats! Rats!: Play Ratparty.sim.
    Ronin: Get Gaichu to join your crew.
    Screw the Job: Kill one of Strangler Bao's Yellow Lotus in the Walled City.
    Seven Times a Ronin: Complete Gaichu's storyline.
    Shoot Straight: Successfully attack an enemy with a chance of less than 30% to hit.
    Street Justice: Killed the HKPF patrol to save the civilians.
    Tastes Like Chicken: Drink some of the blood in Exit Stage Left, and eat some human flesh in Grendel.
    The Promised Land: Gain access to the Police Station roof.
    They're Not Worth It: Complete “City of Darkness” without any Yellow Lotus dying.
    Together Again: Regain your SIN and return to Raymond in Seattle.
    Wait For It...: Kill an enemy with damage over time.
    Walking Weapon: Kill 10 enemies with Cyber-Weapons.
    Welcome to the Shadows: Die on the first mission.
    Welcome to the Sixth World: Kill 20 enemies with magic spells.
    We're Both Professionals: Talk Krait into standing down.
    Wouldn't Want to be That Guy: Have an enemy that is bleeding, on fire, and infected.
    Wrong Order: Poison The Talon's food in Shangri-La.
    You're On Your Own, Kid: Don't side with Fuchi or Yamatetsu at the end of "DETENTION".
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