The Ship


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Type "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Invincibilitygod or buddha
No clipping modenoclip
All gunsship_give_all_weapons_shoot
All blunt weaponsship_give_all_weapons_bludgeon
All stabbing weaponsship_give_all_weapons_stab
All slashing weapons ship_give_all_weapons_slash
All bots suicidebot_kill
Toggle bots ship_enable_bots [0 or 1]
Toggle all securityship_security_disable [0 or 1]
Set minimum money awarded for a killmfk_min_value [number]
Set noclip speed to normal walking speed sv_noclipspeed 0.5

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