Sniper: Ghost Warrior

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Cheat mode

Create a file called "debugconf.scr" with the following text, and place it in the "\Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game" folder:

// ----- Start----------------------------------------
// ChromeEngine config file

!SaveGame(s)           // SaveGame system logs method: "LogR", "CrashLog", "None"
!Cheats()             // enable cheat mode
!MenuEditor(i)          // 1 - enable menu editor
!CurveEditor(i)          // 1 - enable curve editor
!NoMusic(i)            // 1 - disable all sounds
!UseDeveloperKeys()        // enable developer keys
!UseFKeysWithCtrl()        // force using F keys only with ctrl
!ShowPlayingSounds()       // logs sound names
!RenderComments()         // enable rendering of comments
!NoLogos()            // disables logos at game start
!DebugVisualisation()       // enable debug visualisation (waypoints, fightpoints etc.)
!SkipFadeOutIn()         // enable fast fade in/out
!SkipPressAnyKeyOnStart()     // enable skipping "press any key..." on level start
!SetLogLevel(i)          // binary sum of flags _LOG_ERRORS = 0x01,_LOG_WARNINGS = 0x02,
// _LOG_INFOS = 0x04, _LOG_TESTS = 0x08

// (used in ShowInfo methods, debug console)

!ConsoleCommand(s) // Defines console command that will be run at the begging of the game

// or after pressing numpad subtract key. There can be more than one command
// and the order of call is the same as they are defined in script.

!EnableAudioLog() // Enables logging of audio errors/events to file

!ChromeSpyHost(s) // ChromeSpy host machine name (default: localhost)
!ChromeSpyPort(i) // ChromeSpy port (default: 8086)



While playing the game, press [Esc] to access the KI Debug menu and Dev menu. You can enable "God Mode", "Cheat Mode", "Magic Ammo", "Charge Full", "Restore Health", "Give Ammo", "Give Rifle", "Give Grenades", "Kill Enemies", and other options.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Act 1: Complete Act 1.
    Act 2: Complete Act 2.
    Act 3: Complete Act 3.
    Act 4: Complete Act 4.
    Captain: Finish the game on Normal difficulty.
    Close Range: Kill 250 people using pistol. (Multiplayer)
    Electrician: Shoot 5 cable lines using sniper rifles.
    Fallen Eagle: Kill 10 birds.
    Flying Knives: Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.
    General: Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
    Heavy Fire: Kill a total of 30 enemies with Browning gun.
    Hold Your Breath: Kill 250 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)
    Laurel Wreath: Win 50 rounds playing online. (Multiplayer)
    One Package, Two Receivers: Kill 2 enemy with one grenade.
    One Shot, Two Kills: Kill 2 enemy with one shot.
    Rookie: Finish the game on Easy difficulty.
    Seeker: Collect all secrets.
    Sharpshooter: Kill 500 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)
    Sniper Expert: Deliver 50 headshots.
    Sniper Master: Deliver 100 headshots.
    Supplier of Death: Kill 2000 enemies. (Multiplayer)
    The Protector of Pontoon: Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on 'Weaken The Regime' level.
    Through the Wall: Shoot an enemy through a wall.
    You Have to Focus: Kill 15 enemy using concentration mode.
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