Social Justice Warriors


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    ...Or Live Long Enough to Become the Villain: Achieve great heights, then lose it all.
    An Army of Skeletons: Secure the ultimate favor of the Social Justice Necromancer.
    Code of Ethics: Survive 9 trolls without sacrificing your values.
    Die the Hero...: Be remembered as a hero.
    Empathy: It's only impossible until it happens.
    Endless Horde: Survive the Troll Warlord.
    Gnashing Teeth: Survive the Monstrous Troll.
    Hat Trick: Secure the ultimate favor of the Social Justice Ranger.
    I Hate Pop Quizzes: Answer all the Social Justice Druid's riddles.
    Illuminated: Secure the ultimate favor of the Social Justice Sorcerer.
    It's Dangerous to Go Online: Wield the Social Justice Sorcerer's gift.
    Living Legend: Secure the ultimate favor of the Social Justice Bard.
    Mutually Assured Destruction: Everyone loses.
    Poisoned Dagger: Survive the Troll Assassin.
    Polished Spear: Survive the Intellectual Troll.
    The Faith Is Stronger: Successfully wield all 6 Cleric attacks.
    The Pen Is Mightier: Successfully wield all 6 Mage attacks.
    The Road Is Higher: Successfully wield all 6 Champion attacks.
    The Shadows Are Deeper: Successfully wield all 6 Rogue attacks.
    The Wit Is Sharper: Successfully wield all 6 Paladin attacks.
    There's Always Another Way: Make the choice.
    Who Has Two Thumbs...: ...And Can Dual Wield?
    Winsome Idol: Survive the Popular Troll.
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