Soldiers: Heroes Of World War 2


More soldiers

On a level where your number of soldiers depends on how well you did on the previous mission (for example, if you have three men and one dies, then on the next mission you would have two men), and you wish to obtain more men, try to kill your own men. Then, restart the mission. You will obtain the maximum amount of soldiers that the level is allowed to have.

Invincible units

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Locate the "game.pak" in game folder and use WinRar or a similar program to open it. Extract the "lod.reg" file in the "Registry" folder to the Desktop. Use a text editor to edit the "lod.reg" file as follows:


    health 0.0
    accuracy 0.0
    thickness 0.0
    burst 0.0
    firing_timeout 0.1

    health_increase 99
    burst 1.0
    accuracy 99
    thickness 99
    health 99

Save the file and add it back to the "game.pak" file by using WinRar. When you start the game, select the easy difficulty setting and your units will be invincible.

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