Space Hulk: Ascension Edition


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Advancing into the Hulk: Complete DELIVERANCE.
    Alien outbreak secured: Complete EXTERMINATE.
    Alien Piercer: Kill 5 Genestealers with Lighting Claws.
    Aline Cleaver: Kill 5 Genestealers with Axe.
    Angel of Death: Kill 5000 Genestealers.
    Anti-Matter Bombs delivered: Complete CLEANSE WITH FIRE.
    Artifact retrieved: Complete DISENGAGE.
    Artifact transported: Complete ESCAPE ROUTE.
    Autocannon Experienced: Kill 5 Genestealers with the assault cannon.
    Baricade breach survived: Complete IMPACT.
    Battle standard retrieved: Complete HONOUR BOUND.
    Beachhead Cleared: Complete BEACHHEAD.
    Bolter Confident: Kill 5 Genestealers with the Bolter / Storm Bolter.
    Breacher: Destroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.
    Brethren duty: Complete CLEANSE & BURN.
    Broodlord data retrieved: Complete UNKNOWN LIFEFORM.
    Broodlord data transported: Complete PITFALL.
    Broodlord genedata received: Complete TOWARDS THE LIGHT.
    Burned to crisps: Kill 50 Genestealers in flames.
    C.A.T data retrieved: Complete KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON.
    Control room secured: Complete CIRCLE OF SWORDS.
    Control zone reached: Complete LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY.
    Critical bulkheads sealed: Complete HEARD THE ENEMY TO YOUR GUNS.
    Cyclone Master: Kill 50 Genestealers with the Cyclone missile launcher.
    Destruction Minelayer: Kill 50 Genestealers with the Proximity Mine.
    Devastating Blasts: Kill 5 Genestealers with the Cyclone missile launcher.
    Electrocutioner: Kill 50 Genestealers with the Plasma.
    Entry point purged: Complete PURGE.
    Equipment Retrieved: Complete SHARPEN YOUR SWORD EDGE.
    Experienced Heavy: Terminator Heavy reached rank 2.
    Experienced Librarian: Librarian reached reached rank 2.
    Experienced Melee: Terminator Melee reached rank 2.
    Experienced Ranged: Terminator Range reached rank 2.
    Experienced Sergeant: Terminator Sergeant reached rank 2.
    Extraction plan successful: Complete DECOY.
    Fate of Haerulf's wolfpack: Complete SONG TO THE DEAD.
    Flesh Tearer: Kill 50 Genestealers with Lighting Claws.
    For Russ! For the Wolftime!: Finish the “Fall of Jotunheim” campaig.
    For the emperor and Sanguinius!: Finish the “The Sin of damnation” campaign.
    Fortres of Desolation breached: Complete SECURE YOUR GROUND.
    Gateways secured: Complete CLOSE THE WAY.
    Gellar field crippled: Complete BREAK THEIR SHIELDS.
    Genestealer Cracker: Kill 5 Genestealers with Thunder Hammer.
    Genestealer Dissolver: Kill 5 Genestealers with the Melta.
    Genestealer nest annihilated: Complete CULL.
    Grant us the strength to prevail: Win close assault against Broodlord.
    Haerulf's data Retrieved: Complete SUPPORT.
    Heavy Honour Guard: Terminator Heavy reached rank 3.
    Honourable self: Customize a Terminator.
    Keep your distance: Complete a level using only Range weapons.
    Launch cogitators sabotaged: Complete LEAVE THE ENEMY NO HOPE OF SURVIVAL.
    Librarian Honour Guard: Librarian reached reached rank 3.
    Life suport systems activated: Complete TERMINUS.
    Lifeboat controls cleansed: Complete SUICIDE MISSION.
    Lifeboat facilities sabotaged: Complete CUT OFF RETREAT.
    Lower level entrance sabotaged: Complete FROM THE DEPTHS.
    Man of Destruction: Kill 500 Genestealers.
    Master Decapitater: Kill 50 Genestealers with Axe.
    Master of Melta: Kill 50 Genestealers with the Melta.
    Master of Slaughter: Kill 1000 Genestealers.
    Melee Honour Guard: Terminator Melee reached rank 3.
    Melee Mayhem: Complete a level using only Melee weapons.
    Phalanx Tactician: Complete THE WOLF SURROUNDED.
    Plasma Purification: Kill 5 Genestealers with the Plasma.
    Power of the warp: Kill 5 Genestealers in one shot using PSI Power (Psychic Storm only).
    Psychic Exterminator: Kill 50 Genestealers using PSI Power (Psychic Storm only).
    Pumping station reached: Complete REGROUPE.
    Pumping station secured: Complete DEFEND.
    Pyroclast: Kill 5 Genestealers in one shot with the flamer.
    Rain of Bullets: Kill 50 Genestealers with the Bolter / Storm Bolter.
    Range Honour Guard: Terminator Range reached rank 3.
    Ranged Reapers: Have a Ultra Marine Terminator kill 10 Genestealers in Range combat during one turn..
    Red Thirst: Have a Blood Angel Terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn..
    Sanctuary secured: Complete MIMIR'S WELL.
    Sector egress reached: Complete TO THE RESCUE.
    Sergeant Honour Guard: Terminator Sergeant reached rank 3.
    Sin of damnation data retrieved: Complete RESCUE.
    Slayer of Monsters: Kill 100 Genestealers.
    Sons of Guilliman: Finish the “Hammer and Anvil” campaign.
    Space Hulk Dislodged: Complete SEVER THE LIMB FROM THE BODY.
    Storm of Iron: Kill 50 Genestealers with the assault cannon.
    Striking Fangs: Have a Space Wolve Terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn..
    Survival of the fittest: Complete VICTORY IS SURVIVAL.
    Survivalist: Complete a Mission with only minimum Terminator deployed.
    Sword of Retribution: Kill 50 Genestealers with Sword.
    Team Expert: Complete a Mission without losing any Terminators.
    The Emperor protects: Kill 5 Genestealers with Sword.
    The Emperor's fury Administered: Complete STRIKE WHEN THE ENEMY IS WEAK.
    There is only war!: Kill 40 000 Genestealers.
    Thunder Crusher: Kill 50 Genestealers with Thunder Hammer.
    To the rescue: Complete ALARM CALL.
    Turbo lifts reached: Complete INTO THE DEPTHS.
    Vox link established: Complete UNITY IS THE KEY TO VICTORY.
    Warp core activated: Complete FROM DARKNESS TO DARKNESS.
    Withdrawal Success: Complete WITHDRAW TO FIGHT AGAIN.
    Wrath of baal artifact retrieved: Complete THE ARTEFACT.
    Wrong Step: Kill 5 Genestealers with the Proximity Mine.
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