Spice Road


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    100% Completionist: Complete all mission objectives in the Campaign.
    Act 1: Complete Act 1.
    Act 2: Complete Act 2.
    Act 3: Complete the entire Spice Road Campaign.
    Animal Husbandry: Complete Mission 8 on Hard Mode.
    Arts and Crafts: Complete Mission 7.
    Bedpans and Iodine: Build a Hospital.
    City Builder: Build a City.
    Engines of Production: Build a Factory.
    Explorer: Discover a Resource on the map.
    Fine Establishment: Complete Mission 12 on Hard Mode.
    Footlights: Build a Theatre.
    Founders Day: Build a Town.
    Go Camping: Build a Campsite.
    Grand Conquest: Complete Mission 20 on Hard Mode.
    Guardsman: Complete Mission 9 on Hard Mode.
    Guru Meditation: Complete Mission 10 on Hard Mode.
    Happiness Is...: Achieve 100% Popularity in a Town.
    Hospitality: Build an Inn.
    Import/Export: Create a Trade Route to a Supply Point.
    Into the Wilderness: Complete Mission 3.
    Man of the Cloth: Complete Mission 16 on Hard Mode.
    Master Builder: Complete Mission 13 on Hard Mode.
    Mercantile: Complete Mission 2.
    Saloon Justice: Defeat all the Bandits on a map.
    Scum of the Wilds: Complete Mission 17 on Hard Mode.
    Smuggler's Den: Complete Mission 18 on Hard Mode.
    Spiritual Edifice: Build a Cathedral.
    Stronghold: Build a Fortress.
    Surgeon General: Complete Mission 19 on Hard Mode.
    Trade Network: Create a Trade Route to another Settlement.
    Trading Lives: Build a Slave Market.
    Vertical Housing: Build some Apartments.
    Victor: Defeat a whole Faction.
    Warlord: Defeat all enemies on "Art of War".
    Wheeler Dealer: Complete Mission 14 on Hard Mode.
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