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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [Enter] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat codes, except for the "overengineeredcodpiece" code, will prevent achievements from being earned until a new game is started or a saved game is loaded.

Result Cheat Code
God modeterribleterribledamage
All missions [Note]leaveyoursleep
All research options [Note]horadriccube
5 million credits [Note]whysoserious
5,000 gasrealmendrilldeep
5,000 mineralsspectraltiger
5,000 of each resources whorunbartertown
5,000 Terrazine on custom maps using Terrazine jaynestown
+1 weapon, armor, and shield upgradeiamironman
Fast buildcatfoodforprawnguns
Fast healimadoctornotaroachjim
Units do not cost resourcesmoredotsmoredots
No supply cap bunker55aliveinside
Disable fog of wartooktheredpill
Disable ability cooldownhanshotfirst
Disable tech requirementssosayweall
Disable defeat conditionsnevergiveupneversurrender
Disable victory conditionstyuhasleftthegame
Win current gamewhatisbestinlife
Lose current gameletsjustbugoutandcalliteven
All cinematics [Note]eyeofsauron
All UNN Broadcasts [Note]stayclassymarsara
Play the "Terran Up The Night" songoverengineeredcodpiece

Additionally, the following codes are only available in versions prior to v1.3.0:

Result Cheat Code
5,000 custom resources dzmhairspring
5,000 mineralsstroaksmolts
5,000 minerals and gassmoldersbolds
Extra research pointswapboinkers
Fast buildbasestarsprimative or reversingnazaire
Fast healfsbcomunicacion
Disable fog of warsawnoutofmemory
Disable food and psi requirementmintmansoperator
Disable defeat conditionsypoonsvoicemail
Disable time of dayqrotero
Win current gamecmethodfeedback
Lose current gamecadeasygoin
Mission graph dialog selectablelyingpect
UNN broadcast menufurabranchery

Note: Only available in Campaign mode.

-Some codes from: Randy and Mike Bowers

Cheat Codes (Lost Viking mini-game)

While playing the Lost Viking mini-game, press [Enter] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Add indicated points to score -score [number]
Extra life -addlife
Ten extra lives -life
Spawn power-up -pu
Level skip -levelclear
Man ends -bonus
Boss appears -boss
Wave of enemies -behind
Alternate background -mb
Display "Boss Incoming" message -ss
Display the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi -sine
View ending sequence -end
Hide "Quit" button -noquit

"Piercing The Shroud" secret mission

In the "Media Blitz" mission, where you control the Odin in the city, go to the far bottom-right corner of the map. Destroy the red civilian building on the little floating platform. There is a pathway to the building from the small enemy expansion base that is just north of the player's starting position. Once the building is destroyed, "secret documents" will be revealed. Pick the "secret documents" up with any ground unit, and then complete the mission as normal. The "Piercing The Shroud" secret mission will now be accessible through the Star Map. Note: You cannot play the secret mission after going to Char, as you have to go to another planet. Thus, you must go to the load menu and load a game from before Char to play the mission.

Lost Viking mini-game

[Left Click] the arcade machine at the Cantina on the Hyperion to play a space shooter mini-game.

Alternate background screens

Successfully complete Campaign mode to change the appearance of the background screens.

"Terran Up the Night" song

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock the "Terran Up the Night" song.

Zerg Queen quick larval injection

Select all queens with "control group". Hold [Inject Larvae], then press [Backspace] to jump between each hatch and [Left Click] that hatch. This will use the closest queen to cast "Inject Larvae", without having to press [Inject Larvae] each time.

Dancing units

Select one of the following unit types, press [Enter], then type "/dance" to make them dance: High Templars, Hydralisks, Marauders, Marines, Thors, Ultralisks, Zealots, Zerglings.

Cheer animations

Type "/cheer" to prompt an additional animation from the following units: High Templars, Hydralisks, Marauders, Marines, Thors, Ultralisks, Zealots, and Zerglings.

Exploding creatures

[Left Click] any creature multiple times to make it explode.

Cow Chat channel

Select the blue symbol under the title at the StarCraft 2 menus to enter a public chat channel called "cow". Every time you speak, your message will be followed by "moo".

Hidden dialogue

[Left Click] units multiple times to hear secret dialogues.

Marine in "Deadmans Port" mission

At the bottom left corner where the salvage scrapper machine is located, look slightly to the left on the big "man-made" cliff to find small red lights. Notice that they are attached to a small "metal bed" with a marine laying down on it and his arms sticking up in the air.

Marine in "Havens Fall" mission

In the single player campaign, search the lower left corner of the map near the refugees. You can find a frozen Marine just before the bottom left Zerg base in the water.

Marine in "Piercing The Shroud" mission

In the single player campaign while in the loading bay before the room with the Brutalisk, go outside through the door. Follow the rock ledge as it leads up, and more of the map will be visible. Continue until you find a Murloc Marine.

Marine in "Welcome To The Jungle" mission

In the single player campaign, you can find a Murloc Marine near the left edge of the map, slightly north of your base. He is standing on a cliff edge that is surrounded by trees.

Marine in "Zero Hour" mission

In the single player campaign, search the top of the map just above the left Vespene geyser. You can find a Tauren Space Marine that enters an outhouse. Repeatedly [Left Click] the outhouse, and it will shoot into space.

Disappearing Marauder in "Zero Hour" mission

Attack the Zerg base to the north/northwest, and find the neutral Marauder. [Left Click] him until the text "Secret 3...2...1" appears, and the Marauder will disappear.

Blizzard reference

During the Protoss missions, watch the TV to see a music advertisement for LVL800ETC featuring a lot of songs. All those songs are from a metal band called LVL80ETC, which is made up of Blizzard employees and is dedicated to all things StarCraft and Warcraft. The lead singer is the head of Blizzard's art department.

Successfully complete the "Ghost Of A Chance" mission and unlock the Ghost rifle. Go to the armory on the Hyperion. [Left Click] the Ghost rifle to examine it. Keep looking at the screen until Nova (from Blizzard's unreleased game StarCraft: Ghost) briefly appears and disappears.

Diablo reference

During "The Devil's Playground" mission, go to the bottom right corner of the map on Redstone III. You will find Diablo, from the game of the same name, surrounded by lava. He will attack your units when discovered.

World Of Warcraft references

Once you are on the ship's cantina, look in the upper left to see a red female holograph doing the same dance as the female night elf from World Of Warcraft.

Ending sequence

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