Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

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Knat attack

When the "Balance Of Terror" mission starts, type "knat attack", before going to warp. Then, the Starbase will disappear and Knats with the names of the development team will appear.

Reload photon torpedoes

After the first battle of mission 7, type "****tiberius", then enter within transporter range of the Starbase, and press I.

Fire while cloaked

Select the "Create Mission" option and choose any ship with a cloak. Then while playing the game, type "car".

Powered-up photon torpedoes

In the "Omega 12-300" mission, type "$punish".

Kill Sherak

In the "Smugglers Den" mission, type "$->me!".

Kill the Romulan near Raven

In the "End Game" mission, type "mercury".

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