Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Present for Vyacheslav: Make a molotov cocktail (requires a rag, cheap vodka and a match).
    A Series of Temporary Measures Strung Together: Find all the insulin in the area and give it to Alice (there are 62 doses in total).
    All You Need Is Gold: Complete the game by amassing a vast amount of gold.
    Champion Of The World: Defeat an opponent with skill level 5 at fisticuffs (you'll need to wager 100 gold).
    Crate Expectations: Find and investigate all the crates in the area (there are 47 in total).
    Don't Starve: Steal or destroy all of another community's crops, without ever starting a war with them.
    Flame-Resistant: Build a concrete watchtower.
    Grandma's got a Shotgun!: Recruit Connie Reed to your community.
    Happy Ending: Complete the game by following your heart.
    Hindenburg Line: Build a pillbox.
    I Am The Law!: Complete all the quests that involve taking down a gang of looters.
    I Don't Negotiate With Kidnappers: Free Bridget Cassidy without giving the kidnappers any ransom money or gifts (requires cleverness).
    I Guess I Have No Choice: Recruit a looter to your community.
    I'm only interested in the gold!: Find a way to get the gold from Hollow Rock Farm without setting off the I.E.D.
    It's Crispalicious!: Recruit all the Fat Neils to your community (without any of them dying).
    Just a Patsy: Recruit Bat Jacobs to your community.
    Lead my people out of Egypt: Recruit any member of Santa Maddalena to your community.
    Maximum Respect: Awarded if some character's opinion of Joe Wheeler reaches 100% Respect.
    Memories: Find Auntie Abbie's locket and return it to Annie Dillinger.
    Mind Probe: Find the Brain Scanner.
    Napoleon Complex: Free Willard Williams without giving the kidnappers any ransom money or gifts (requires cleverness).
    Of course you realize this means war!: Recruit any member of the Fat Neils to your community.
    One Shot One Kill: Take down a White Strain Infected with a single shot to the head (requires a Sniper Rifle and Firearms skill level 5).
    Persuasive: Recruit any member of the Fort Kohai to your community.
    Shoot Them In The Head: Kill 10 enemies with headshots. When you are targeting an enemy, move mouse up to select headshot. Firearms skill level 3 required.
    Slow Zombies: Cripple 10 infected with legshots. When you are targeting an enemy, move mouse down to select legshots. Firearms skill level 1 required.
    Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn: Burn down 10 buildings with molotov cocktails.
    Splosions: Blow up 10 buildings with a Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher.
    Stamp of Approval: Awarded if some character's opinion of Joe Wheeler reaches 100% Approval.
    Sterilized: Make a bandage by sterilizing a rag with some cheap vodka.
    The Forgotten Heist: Somewhere in the area is a getaway vehicle from a long-forgotten heist, containing an assault rifle, a backpack, and a pile of now-worthless cash. Find it.
    The Great Dictator: Complete the game by becoming the most powerful community leader in the area.
    The Path of the Righteous Man: Complete the game without killing anyone who didn't deserve it, executing those who do, and without allowing Alice to die.
    There's Too Many of Them Out There: Build fences all around your bunker, so that it is completely enclosed.
    They started it!: Recruit any member of the McCoys to your community.
    Tower Fall: Shoot an enemy in the leg, who is in a watchtower, causing them to fall out of the watchtower (Firearms skill level 1 required).
    What The Hell, Right?: This awardment is obtained if Isham joins you on your journey to Vancouver.
    Who is Jim Gallager?: Recruit Jim Gallager to your community.
    You Love It!: Recruit all the McCoys to your community (without any of them dying).
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