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While playing the game, hold [Shift] and press [Semicolon] to display the command prompt. Then, press [Tab] to display the last command entered in the list.

Cheat mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Locate the "user.cfg" file in the game directory. If it is not present, copy the "ip.cfg" file fromthe "\help" directory to the game directory and rename it to "user.cfg". Use a text editor to edit the "user.cfg" file. Add the following entries to the file:

    gun_degrade_rate 0

This allows the game to be played in God mode with weapons that do not break and monsters that do not respawn.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game in action mode, hold [Shift] and press [Semicolon] to display the command prompt. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Maximum statsubermensch
All PSI pointspsi_full
Obtain indicated amount of cyber modulesadd_pool [number]
Cycle available ammocycle_ammo
Jump the playershock_jump_player
Set cursor into look modelook_cursor
Reload weapon from inventoryreload_gun
Switch primary and secondary weaponsswap_guns
Bring up the PSI power selectionselect_psipower
Open up an MFD by overlay constantopen_mfd
Search and equip weapon from inventoryequip_weapon
Cycle equipable weaponscycle_weapon [-1 or 1]
Act like the 1-5 level buttonspsi_power
Stop current playing email/logstop_email
Clear existing teleport markerclear_teleport
Bind quick slotquickbind
Activate quick slotquickuse
Use object by nameuse_obj
Use an item in inventoryinterface_use
Play unread logplay_unread_log
Display version numbershow_version
Switch between modesfrob_toggle
Save to current subdirectoryquicksave
Load from current subdirectoryquickload
Simple frob of selected objectfrob_object
Simple frob of selected object, in world or inventoryfrob_object_inv
Toggle compass statetoggle_compass
Toggle inventory paneltoggle_inv
Toggle mouselook and cursor modestoggle_mouse
Toggle between weapon settingswpn_setting_toggle
Toggle message historymsg_history
Toggle query cursorquery [0 or 1]
Toggle split cursorsplit [0 or 1]
Fire weaponfire_weapon [0 or 1]
Drag and dropdrag_and_drop [0 or 1]
Drag and dropdrag_and_drop_frob [0 or 1]
Drag and dropdrag_and_drop_mode [0 or 1]
Create object from item listsummon_obj [item name]

Item names

Enter one of the following values with the "summon_obj [item name]" code:

    10 nanites
    20 nanites
    5 nanites
    ap clip
    arach. organ
    assault rifle
    big nanite pile
    blast turret
    brawnboost implant
    cards med card chem #1 (Fm Fermium) chem #2 (V Vanadium) chem #3 (Ga Gallium ) chem #4 (Sb Antimony) chem #5 (Y Yttrium) chem #6 (Cu Copper) chem #7 (Cf Californium) chem #8 (Na Sodium) chem #9 (Os Osmium) chem #10 (Ir Iridium) chem #11 (As Arsenic) chem #12 (Cs Cesium) chem #13 (Hs Hassium) chem #14 (Te Tellurium) chem #15 (Mo Molybendium) chem #16 (Tc Technetium) chem #17 (Ra Radium) chem #18 (Ba Barium) chem #19 (Se Selenium) chips
    crew 2 card
    crew card
    cryo card
    crystal shard
    detox patch
    electro shock
    emp grenade
    emp rifle
    emp shot
    endurboost swiftboost
    explode barrel
    female appar.
    french-epstein device
    fusion cannon
    fusion shot
    gr. over. organ
    greater over.
    gren launcher
    grub organ
    hack soft v3
    he clip
    heavy armor
    ice pick
    ice pick recycle
    incend. grenade
    int boost
    invisibile arachnid
    lab assistant implant
    large prism
    large worm beaker
    laser pistol
    laser turret
    light armor
    maintenance tool
    male appar.
    med annex key
    med patch
    medical kit
    medium armor
    midwife organ
    mn. over. organ
    modify soft v3
    molec. analyzer
    monkey brain
    pellet shot box
    portable battery
    power cell
    protocol droid
    prox. grenade
    psi amp
    psi booster
    psi patch
    psi trainer
    r 1 nanite
    r and d card
    rad barrel
    rad patch
    rad patch medical kit
    rec crew key
    reflec armor
    repair soft v3
    research soft v3
    rifled slug box
    rumbler organ
    security card
    science card
    slug turret
    soda can
    speed boost
    standard clip
    stasis field generator
    stats trainer
    strength boost
    swarm organ
    swiftboost implant
    tech trainer
    timed grenade
    toxin grenade
    toxin grenade small prism
    turret rocket
    turret slug thrower
    vacc suit
    viral prolif
    weapon trainer
    wide machinery
    worm launcher
    worm skin
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