Titan Attacks!

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    10 SAUCERS: Destroyed 10 saucers.
    100 SAUCERS: Destroyed 100 saucers.
    25 SAUCERS: Destroyed 25 saucers.
    50 SAUCERS: Destroyed 50 saucers.
    A SPY IN OUR MIDST: 100 aliens escape capture.
    ANAL PROBE: Captured 100 live aliens.
    AREA 51: Captured 50 live aliens.
    BEGINNING TO LOOK DELIBERATE: Killed 50 parachuting aliens.
    BUTTERFINGERS: 25 aliens escape capture.
    CARELESS: 10 aliens escape capture.
    DEADEYE DICK: Got 100 skill shots.
    EARTH: Completed the Earth Levels.
    GADGET FREAK: Added all addons to ship.
    HE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS: Killed 25 parachuting aliens.
    MARKSMAN: Got 50 skill shots.
    MARS: Completed the Mars levels.
    MOON: Completed the Moon levels.
    MULTIPLIER: Got the x9 multiplier.
    PERFECT! Level 14: Perfect Challenge Level 14.
    PERFECT! Level 21: Perfect Challenge Level 21.
    PERFECT! Level 28: Perfect Challenge Level 28.
    PERFECT! Level 35: Perfect Challenge Level 35.
    PERFECT! Level 42: Perfect Challenge Level 42.
    PERFECT! Level 49: Perfect Challenge Level 49.
    PERFECT! Level 56: Perfect Challenge Level 56.
    PERFECT! Level 63: Perfect Challenge Level 63.
    PERFECT! Level 7: Perfect Challenge Level 7.
    PERFECT! Level 70: Perfect Challenge Level 70.
    PERFECT! Level 77: Perfect Challenge Level 77.
    PERFECT! Level 84: Perfect Challenge Level 84.
    PERFECT! Level 91: Perfect Challenge Level 91.
    PERFECT! Level 98: Perfect Challenge Level 98.
    POKE AND PROD: Captured 10 live aliens.
    QUICK DRAW MCGRAW: Got 25 skill shots.
    REWIRED IT: Upgraded addons to maximum rate.
    SATURN: Completed the Saturn levels.
    SHARP SHOOTER: Got 10 skill shots.
    SIZE OF MY CANNON: Maxed gun power.
    SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR: 50 aliens escape capture.
    TITAN: Completed the Titan levels.
    TRIGGER HAPPY: Maxed gun bullets.
    ULTIMATE SHIP: Everything maxed out.
    ULTIMATE WEAPON: Guns and addons maxed.
    UNETHICAL EXPERIMENTS: Captured 25 live aliens.
    VOLATILE TEMPERAMENT: Used 25 smartbombs.
    WAR CRIMES: Killed 100 parachuting aliens.
    WHOOPS!: Killed 10 parachuting aliens.
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