Tomb Of Tyrants

Corey Feldman Interview

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Careful Planning?: Achieve a 3x multiplier.
    Cheapskate Challenge: Reach wave 15, buying only full packs of minions and traps.
    Destined to Unlock More Stuff: Fulfill 25 prophecies (cross-session).
    Equal Opportunity Emperor: Create 20 different kinds of champions (cross-session).
    Gotta Match 'Em All!: Complete 30 rituals in a single session.
    I am Snape, the Potions Master: Use 25 potions in a single session.
    If You Want Something Done Right..: Kill a hero with your Tyrant.
    Or Lots of Luck?: Achieve a 5x multiplier.
    Quality over Quantity: Without using items, achieve a 2x multiplier on a single resource match.
    Real Tyrant Material: Reach wave 20.
    Slightly Less Expendable: Earn a level 5 champion.
    Starter Stronghold: Construct a 10-floor dungeon.
    Tyrant with Potential: Reach wave 10.
    Unlocking Much Stuff, as Foretold: Fulfill 50 prophecies (cross-session).
    VIPs Only!: Defend an off-limits floor with four stationed champions.
    Your Horde Would Hoard Hors d'oeuvres: Stockpile 50 of a single resource at one time.
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