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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    AFK, LOL: Try to guess.
    AIRMAN: Just try to get high.
    ALCOHOLIC: *hic* ..ssuuupp?
    ALTER EGO: Meet the real >you<.
    ANNIHILATOR: Disintegration is hell of fun!
    ASSASSIN: Just get rid of your enemies!
    ATHLETE: Show me how you jump.
    CAT: Do you want to be like a cat?
    CATACOMBS RAIDER: Time to visit some ancient tombs.
    CLASSIC: Just finish the normal mode.
    COMPUTER SCIENTIST: I wonder what does that button do?
    CONFUSED: Show your buoyancy!
    CONQUEROR: Pass through Happy Hills.
    CONTINUOUS FIRE: Is that name enough suggestive?
    DEMON SEED: I don't even think you will achieve this mad result...
    EASY-GOING: Not too easy, baby?
    ELIMINATOR: This task is only for really bad people, believe me.
    ENLIGHTENED: Accept some words of wisdom.
    ESCAPEE: Task for children.
    EXECUTIONER: Incarnation of DEATH.
    EXPLORATOR: When saying 'being everywhere' isn't just waste of breath.
    FINDER: Some places are just waiting for you.
    FIRE IN THE HOLE: It does not sound that literally, right?
    FLAWLESS VICTORY: Take care of yourself.
    FRIENDLY PIRATE: Express your tiny, good heart!
    GAME EXPERT: Are you able to find EVERY hidden place?
    GAME MASTER: Complete ALL your tasks!
    GATE MASTER: Opened doors are good doors.
    GREEDY: My preciousss.
    GRENADIER: Grenades are lovely, don't you think?
    HACKER: Come on, script kiddie.
    HARDCORE: The game hates you.
    HELPFUL SOUL: Good works are even better when someone pays for them.
    HIEROGLYPH EXPERT: Funny symbols, don't you think?
    JINX: In this world even epic failures are rewarded.
    JUMPER: Not a problem for a circus performer, eh?
    KANGAROO: Hop, hop, hop..
    KILLER: When the hell starts to be a cramped place.
    KILLING SPREE: Show your killing madness!
    LIFE OF THE PARTY: Bring some amusement!
    LISTENER: Be a patient listener!
    LOYAL PLAYER: The game values loyal players!
    MANIAC: Love the game as the game loves you.
    MASS MURDERER: That becomes evil.
    MASTER: Don't let you get hurt.
    MERCILESS: Make yourself alone.
    MIDAS: Money, get away. Get a good job with good pay.
    MOONWALKER: Dance on the stage!
    NEO: Did you try to find a secret mode, little hacker?
    NIGHT OWL: Night is such a beauty time.
    NINJA: Weird skills. Are you from Asia?
    NONCHALANCE: Savegame is for lamers.
    PACIFIST: Good men don't need weapons.
    PATIENT: Patience. That's all.
    PIANIST: Chopin would be proud of you.
    PIRATE: Do what you want cause a pirate.
    PLANNED RUN: Are you afraid of pain?
    PRECAUTIONARY MAN: Perfectionism does not kill.
    PRIEST: You aren't fond of undead creatures, am I right?
    QUETZALCOATL: Stuff got serious.
    ROWDY: Easy as pie.
    SHAMBLES: Don't hesitate to use your guns.
    SMART EYE: Can you see through the walls?
    SMOKER: Chill, man.
    SOKOBAN: Every box has a place for itself.
    SPEEDRUNNER: Do you know what does the word 'fast' really mean?
    STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Build stairways!
    SUICIDE BOMBER: Profession: kamikaze.
    THE SNOW QUEEN: For ice lovers.
    THIEF: Decide what belongs to you.
    TOP HAT: Achieve your main goal.
    TOUGH GUY: Be more useful with your guns.
    TOURIST: Take your time and enjoy the levels.
    TRACEUR: Agility can be rewarded as well.
    TRAVELLER: Learn the history and meet The Ancients.
    TRICKSTER: Use your freeze gun cleverly.
    TURNKEY: Finding a key is a key to victory.
    VETERAN: Value your life.
    VIOLATOR: Offend Ancient Gods. For fun as always.
    WALKING ARMOURY: Do you plan to open an ammo store?
    WARRIOR: Show your strength and endurance, boy.
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