Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale In Mexico

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Infinite ammunition

Collect the indicated number of weapon icons scattered throughout the city to get unlimited ammunition for the corresponding weapon:

    60: Infinite grenades
    70: Infinite hand gun ammunition
    80: Infinite sawn-off shotgun ammunition
    90: Infinite grenade launcher ammunition
    100: Infinite rocket launcher ammunition

Mission select

Successfully complete all game missions to replay any mission.

Dual pistols upgrade

Collect ten weapon icons to get the dual pistols upgrade.

Dual rifles upgrade

Collect twenty weapon icons to get the dual rifles upgrade.

Health upgrades

Collect ten health icons to upgrade your total health. This can be repeated.

Stamina upgrades

Collect ten stamina icons to upgrade your total stamina. This can be repeated.

Play as Ram

Successfully complete The Good Son mission to unlock Ram.

Play as Ram's brother

Successfully complete The Father mission to unlock Ram's brother.

Bike in the Bull Ring appears

Successfully complete the Kill The Bull mission for a bike in the Bull Ring to appear.

DEA and military vans appear

Successfully complete the Make Elvez Sing mission for locked DEA and military vans to appear. After the game is completed, some of them will become unlocked.

Racing cars appear

Successfully complete the Steal The Wheels mission for racing cars to appear.

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