Toxic Bunny HD

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A sip of coffee ups the spirits: Find the health potion.
    Add extra cheese: Eat 100 food items.
    Alchemist: Find all the potion recipes.
    All for some keys: Defeat Molefred.
    Amateur coffee drinker: Drink 10 cups of coffee.
    At least one casualty per shot: Procure a Hamster launcher.
    Boing Boing...: Find the super jump potion.
    Bunny approved engineering: Bunnies can fix anything.
    Burn baby, BURN!: Find some Molotov cocktails.
    Coffee flavored brainwash: Enslave your nemesis.
    Coffee rush: Find the speed potion.
    Death to the impostors!: Kill 25 evil bunnies.
    Deep pockets: Spend $10000.
    Don't even look at me: Find the super damage aura potion.
    Don't touch me: Find the damage aura potion.
    Double the gun, double the fun: Find an upgrade for your gun.
    Eating to survive: Eat 10 food items.
    Factory cleanup: Successfully complete level 2.
    Feel like a surgeon: Find the laser gun.
    Feels like falling: The bright light at the end of the tunnel.
    Finish him!: Boss fatality.
    Forward to the past?: You don't think you can get that up to 88 MPH.
    Getting warmer: Complete the game on normal.
    Gravity sucks: Find the gravity potion.
    He has gone all twitchy: Find the full health potion.
    Hijack: Successfully complete level 1.
    I can move it, move it: Find the free movement potion.
    It seems pretty normal: Acquire Crazy Eddie's doorbell.
    KFP is served: Defeat Predacluck.
    Lending a hand: Takes a certain kind to pick up a rock.
    Like a furry fish: Find the breath potion.
    Lure the hungry: Use food to get your way.
    Mating season: Find the extra life potion.
    Nobody nose: The nose hair of destiny.
    Now is not the time to go to the loo: Find the super Mexican chili potion.
    Potty Trained: Complete the game on easy.
    Puuurfect execution: Defeat Kitty.
    Remember what the safety instructor said: Acquire a Rocket launcher.
    Rock thief: Toxic will never again touch what does not belong to him... at least not if it glows.
    Shocking conclusion: Kill 25 mages.
    Short lived god mode: Find the invincibility potion.
    Silver bullet for my valentine: Ready to kill something mythical.
    Sleepless nights: Drink 100 cups of coffee.
    Smell the colours singing: Drink 1000 cups of coffee.
    Something is burning...: Did you see the shock in his eyes?.
    Static fur: Find the lightning potion.
    Suicidal feather: Find the float potion.
    Surviving to eat: Eat 1000 food items.
    Sweet revenge: Defeat your nemesis.
    The bane of bats: Kill 100 bats.
    The joy brought by pain: Complete the game on hard.
    There are many like it, but this one is mine: Take the stranded alien's weapon.
    Too much hot sauce: Find the Mexican chili potion.
    Toxic is a big fan of bacon: Kill 25 space pigs.
    We ain't in Kansas anymore: Successfully complete level 3.
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