Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

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Bonus golfers

Defeat a golfer in the Tiger Challenge to unlock that person in other game modes.

Aces Wild trophy ball

Shoot a hole in one in the Tiger Challenge.

Back-to-Back trophy ball

Shoot two consecutive eagles in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Buster trophy ball

Shoot over twelve consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Streak trophy ball

Shoot six consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Extravaganza trophy ball

Shoot four eagles in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Hunt trophy ball

Eagle all par 5 holes in the game in the Tiger Challenge.

Fairway Challenge trophy ball

Hit all the fairways in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

GIR Challenge trophy ball

Hit all the greens in regulation in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Distance Drive trophy ball

Hit a drive over 350 yards in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Putt trophy ball

Sink a putt from over 55 feet in the Tiger Challenge.

Low Round trophy ball

Shoot under 60 in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

One Time trophy ball

Tee off and hit a par 5 green in the Tiger Challenge.

Pin Seeker trophy ball

Hit the pin in the Tiger Challenge.

Scenario Challenge trophy ball

Successfully complete all scenarios in the Tiger Challenge.

Tiger Challenge Completion trophy ball

Successfully complete the Tiger Challenge.

Top of the Tournaments trophy ball

Win first place in all tournaments in the Tiger Challenge.

Princeville course

Earn $50,000 with a created golfer to unlock the Princeville course.

Black Rock Cove course

Earn $200,000 with a created golfer to unlock the Black Rock Cove course.

Royal Birkdale course

Earn $400,000 with a created golfer to unlock the Royal Birkdale course.

Tiger's Dream Course holes

When a level of the Tiger Challenge and another hole in Tiger's Dream Course will be unlocked.

Bag editing

Editing your bag can help you in tougher situations. Some players like to carry all four wedges to get more precision around the green, while others like to carry a plethora of woods or long irons to ensure they have the correct club when going for the green. Find out which clubs work best for you -- these may be different depending on the course you play.

All eighteen clubs in your bag

This trick requires two steps. First, go to a scenario and edit your golfer. Go to "Edit Clubs" and replace your 3I, 9I, PW, and LW with your 5W, 7W, 1I, and AW. Go back and continue with the scenario. Once the scenario starts, quit. After quitting the scenario, restart the scenario and re-edit your golfer. Go to the "Edit Clubs" screen, but do not change anything. The screen will indicate that you are missing your 5W, 7W, 1I, and AW, but you are not. End the editing of your golfer and start the scenario. All eighteen clubs will now be in your bag. If you quit the scenario, all clubs will remain in your bag for whatever game mode you choose to go to next.


Hit the ball close to the hole where you can get a tap-in. When your player is tapping it in, push the "Replay" button until it replays your shot before that. If done correctly, it will take a stoke off of what you got. For example, if you tap it in on 5 it will only count 4 strokes.

Shot selections

Your shot selection is important. Choose from the following:

Approach: This shot sets up 1/2 to 3/4 pitch/chip swing with various wedges for a maximum distance of 60 yards. This shot selection is useful for short to medium range shots that need precision to place the ball onto the green with minimal roll.

Punch: This shot type gives the ball a low, boring flight trajectory. Because it travels less distance in the air, it minimizes the effects of wind and thereby leaves more room for roll after the ball hits the ground. This is a good shot for hitting under a tree or into a strong headwind.

Flop: This shot type gives the ball a higher trajectory and less roll. It is only available with your wedges. The maximum distance is 50 yards. This shot is used mostly to fly over obstacles like bunkers, bushes, or trees or shots that need loft to sit on the green and stick.

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