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Easy "100000 Shots Fired" achievement

A level will not end until all its enemies have been killed. First, find an enemy that does not move and will not shoot at you. Then, kill every other enemy except for that one. After those conditions are met, hold [Fire] and allow the game to idle. It will take several hours to get the "100000 shots fired" achievement. Keeping [Fire] mechanically depressed is recommended.

Easy "Salvation" and "Supervisory Position" achievements

Start a new game, and complete the first level. Purchase a smartbomb. During Level 2, wait for all the enemies to spawn while dodging them. Then, use the smartbomb to get the "Salvation" and "Supervisory Position" achievements.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    10 fruits: Collected 10 fruits.
    100 dots: Collected 100 dots.
    100 kills: Vanquished 100 enemies.
    1000 dots: Collected 1000 dots.
    1000 kills: Vanquished 1000 enemies.
    1000 shots fired: Player has fired 1000 shots in a game.
    10000 kills: Vanquished 10000 enemies.
    10000 shots fired: Player has fired 10000 shots in a game.
    25 fruits: Collected 25 fruits.
    250 dots: Collected 250 dots.
    2500 kills: Vanquished 2500 enemies.
    50 fruits: Collected 50 fruits.
    500 dots: Collected 500 dots.
    500 kills: Vanquished 500 enemies.
    5000 kills: Vanquished 5000 enemies.
    And That!: EMP shocked 25 enemies in one blast.
    And This!: EMP shocked 50 enemies in one blast.
    Assault Survivor: Survived assault level without taking damage.
    Awesome: Awesome double three way bouncy gun.
    Barbara Woodhouse: Held one or more pets for 20 levels without dropping.
    Bellum: Defeated Bellum.
    Bombadier: 20 kills with a single grenade.
    Challenge Perfect: Got 100% on a challenge stage.
    Commando: 30 kills with a single grenade.
    Crazy: Double three way bouncy bezerk gun.
    Crufts: Held one or more pets for 10 levels without dropping.
    Double Dose: Defeated two bosses.
    Drone Bullet Kills: Single drone shot down 100 enemy bullets.
    Drone Enemy Kills: Single drone vanquished 250 enemies.
    Fruit Flatus: Detonated 10 bombfruits.
    Grenadier: 10 kills with a single grenade.
    Healthy Diet: Consumed 10 consecutive fruits.
    His Master's Voice: Held one or more pets for 5 levels without dropping.
    Ieiunitas: Defeated Ieiunitas.
    Letum: Defeated Letum.
    Lues: Defeated Lues.
    Max Grenade Upgrades: Grenade add-on upgrades maxed.
    Max Laser Pet: Upgraded laser pet to maximum.
    Max Pet Upgrades: Upgraded all pets to maximum parameters.
    Max Power: Maximum droid power.
    Max Rocket Pet: Upgraded rocket pet to maximum.
    Max Rocket Pet Level: Rocket pet levelled up to maximum.
    Max Shields: Maximum shields.
    Max Shooty Pet: Upgraded shooty pet to maximum.
    Max Shooty Pet Level: Shooty pet levelled up to maximum.
    Max Smarts: Full complement of smartbombs.
    Redemption: Smartbombed 25 enemies with one blast.
    Salvation: Smartbombed 50 enemies with one blast.
    Slurp: Maximum dot slurp range.
    Smartbombtastic: Detonated 50 smartbombs in a single game.
    Superdrones: Maximum drone upgrades.
    Supervisory Position: Beat a level without firing a single shot.
    Take That!: EMP shocked 10 enemies in one blast.
    Tenacious D 10: Drone survived 10 levels.
    Tenacious D 20: Drone survived 20 levels.
    Tenacious D 30: Drone survived 30 levels.
    The Artful Dodger: Got 100% on a dodge stage.
    Times 5 Multiplier: Maximum score multiplier.
    Ultimate: Double three way bouncy max power rapid fire gun.
    Unexpected Item In Bagging Area: Quantum-shifted through a boss.
    Vengeance: Smartbombed 10 enemies with one blast.
    XR3iTurbonutterbastard: Maxed turbo power and recharge.
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