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Cheat mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" file in the game folder. Change the value for the "CheatsEnabled" line to "true". The previously listed console commands can now be activated.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Enter "BeMyMonkey()" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter "BeMyMonkey()" again to disable cheats.

Result Cheat Code
Toggle God modeGod()
Toggle invisibilityInvisible()
All weaponsLoaded()
Ammunition for all weaponsAllAmmo()
Toggle God mode for selected actorGodEx([actor])
Toggle Phoenix PowersuitPhoenix()
Enemy fears youFearMe()
Ghost modeGhost()
Flight modeFly()
Underwater modeAmphibious()
Return to normal walking modeWalk()
Slow motionSloMo([number])
Set jump heightSetJumpZ([number])
Toggle unlimited ammunitionToggleInfiniteAmmo()
Toggle reloadsToggleReloads()
Toggle invisibilityToggleInvisibility()
Teleport to location looked atTeleport()
Level skipNextLevel()
Map selectOpen([map name])
Double speedToggleSpeed()
Set player speedSetSpeed([number])
Set player sizeChangeSize([number])
Toggle God mode on selected pawnTogglePawnInvulnerability([pawn])
Summon array pf goodiesGoodies([number], [number])
Spawn indicated itemSum([item name])
List all actorsActors()
Go to selected actor locationGotoActor([actor])
Give specified damage to targetDamage([number], [target])
Give specified damage to NPCsDamageNPCs([number])
Give specified health to targetSetHealth([number], [target])
Set player healthSetMyHealth([number])
Harm player by specified amountHurtMe([number])
Damage all visible pawnsManCannon([number])
Toggle animation servosToggleServos()
Show player teamsShowTeams()
Change game difficultyDifficulty([number])
See view from indicated actorCheatView([actor])
Target camera on playerViewSelf()
Enable time demoToggleTimeDemo()
Toggle scoreboardToggleScoreBoard()
Toggle free ordersEnableFreeOrders([0 or 1])
Toggle behind viewBehindView()
Set particle densitySetParticleDensity([number])
Toggle impactsToggleImpacts()
Toggle weapon tick codeSetWeaponTick([0 or 1])
Toggle weapon firingSetWeaponFire([0 or 1])
Show all hidden actorsToggleShowAll()
Show all keypointsToggleShowKPs()
Show all navigation pointsToggleShowNPs()
Toggle RmodeToggleRMode()
Set player eye heightSetEyeHeigth()
Kill indicated actorKillActor(x)
Kill actor under crosshairKillHitActor()
Kill NPC under crosshairKillHitNPC()
Kill all active NPCsKillActiveNPCS()
Kill all dormant NPCsKillDormantnPCS()
Gib all NPCsGibAllNPCS()
Gib NPC under crosshairGibHitNPC()
Toggle players onlyPO()
Toggle freeze viewToggleFreezeView()
Toggle HUDToggleHUD()
Set camera distanceSetCameraDist([number])
Toggle free camera movementFreeCamera([0 or 1])
Set fog red color valueSetFogR([number])
Set fog green color valueSetFogG([number])
Set fog blue color valueSetFogB([number])
Set field of view degrees; 90 is default; 360 is fish-eye viewSetFOV([number])

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