Vendetta: Curse Of Raven's Cry

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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Type "RavensCryCheats" followed by "ThisIsGreatGame" as two separate codes to activate cheat mode. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Toggle God mode God [0 or 1]
Heal yourself health
Add indicated amount of reputation to selected faction hero.AddReputation [faction number] [amount]
Add indicated amount of gold Addgold [number]
Add indicated amount of skill points AddSkillPoints [number]
Set character level (no space prior to number value) ec.dbg levelup[number]
Kill all nearby targets ai.killall
Kill current target kill
Resurrect targeted dead body ec.ResurrectUnit
Crash game game.crash

Faction codes

Use one of the following values with the "hero.AddReputation [faction number] [amount]" code:

FactionFaction number
St. Lucia500
Santorio Docking501
Final Background Ally20
Final Background Enemy21

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A dingy dinghy: Purchase a small galeon.
    Alea iacta est: Win 10 games of dice.
    Bandit: Sink 30 frigates.
    Best served cold: Unknown.
    Bird of prey: Unknown.
    Bloodthirsty: Kill 100 human enemies on land.
    Blow me!: Blow yourself up.
    Call me Croesus: Collect 1.000.000 reales.
    Collector: Have more than 100 items in your inventory.
    Did I do that?: Destroy a ship during boarding.
    Driftwood: Release 10 ships after boarding.
    Fear the Reaper!: Kill 50 human enemies using Fear skill.
    First-timer: Unknown.
    Flota de Indias galardón: Unknown.
    Herbalist: Collect 100 herbs.
    Hops, malt and...: Prepare any tincture.
    Hunter: Eliminate 100 beasts.
    Impervious: Fully upgrade the Serpent.
    Jolly Roger: Unknown.
    Kaboom!: Kill 10 human enemies with explosions.
    Learning the ropes: Finish Tutorial.
    Let them burn...: Burn 10 ships after boarding.
    Marauder: Sink 40 small galeons.
    Marksman: Shoot 50 human enemies.
    Maverick: Sink 20 galeons.
    Merciful: Unknown.
    My first raft: Purchase a schooner.
    My pinnace is bigger than yours: Acquire a ship of the line.
    Officer on deck: Hire a full officer set.
    Old salt: Advance to level 25.
    Plugging the leaks: Use 100.000 reales on ship repairs.
    Port rat: Advance to level 5.
    Privateer: Sink 50 schooners.
    Quite a ketch: Purchase a warship.
    Resistance is Futile: Successfully board 50 ships.
    Royal gift: Unknown.
    Sea legs: Advance to level 10.
    Sovereign of the seas: Sink 10 warships.
    Spirit of death: Eliminate 50 human enemies silently.
    Strange bedfellows: Unknown.
    Spray & Pray: Waste 50.000 cannon loads.
    Sterling work: Solve more than 100 quests.
    The fugitive: Unknown.
    The last Unicorn: Unknown.
    The leaking bucket: Purchase a frigate.
    The scowling scow: Purchase a galeon.
    The sea of blood: Sink 500 ships.
    Tycoon: Earn 100.000 reales from trading.
    Un cadeau du roi soleil: Unknown.
    Under King's Colours: Unknown.
    Up close and personal: Kill 25 human enemies using a knife.
    Vengeful: Unknown.
    Viva Espana!: Unknown.
    Vive la France!: Unknown.
    Voyeur: Unknown.
    Wind catcher: Unknown.
    Winged thief: Use your Raven to steal something 100 times.
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