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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Artifact Hunter: Collect all of the mysterious artifacts.
    Corrupted: Defeat The Corrupted.
    Demon: Defeat The Demon.
    Djinn: Defeat The Djinn.
    Dual Pistol Expert: Complete the game using only the dual pistols.
    First Upgrade: Find a shield or weapon upgrade.
    Found: Assault Rifle: Find the assault rifle blueprint.
    Found: Grenade Launcher: Find the grenade launcher blueprint.
    Found: Rocket Launcher: Find the rocket launcher blueprint.
    Found: Shotgun: Find the shotgun blueprint.
    Found: Sniper Rifle: Find the sniper rifle blueprint.
    Frozen: Defeat The Frozen.
    Hardcore: Complete the game on hardcore difficulty.
    Hell Spider: Defeat the Hell Spider.
    Leap Of Faith: Blindly jump off the edge in the Gate Fortress.
    Legion Veteran: Complete the game on normal difficulty.
    Lights Out: Kill the Hell Spider boss using the chandelier.
    Master at Arms: Find all of the weapon blueprints.
    New Game+: Complete the game on any difficulty in New Game+ mode.
    Perfect: Corrupted: Defeat The Corrupted without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Demon: Defeat The Demon without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Djinn: Defeat The Djinn without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Frozen: Defeat The Frozen without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Hell Spider: Defeat the Hell Spider without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Shadow: Defeat The Shadow without taking any damage.
    Perfect: Shapeshifter: Defeat The Shapeshifter without taking any damage.
    Piece of Cake: Complete the game on easy difficulty.
    Shadow: Defeat The Shadow.
    Shapeshifter: Defeat The Shapeshifter.
    Shield Scavenger: Find all of the shield upgrades.
    The End: Defeat Mephistopheles.
    The Impossible: Defeat Mephistopheles without taking any damage.
    Upgrades? Hah!: Complete the game without upgrading any of the weapons.
    Viktor: Complete the game on hard difficulty.
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