Vlad The Impaler


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Greater Evil: Kill Vlad with the The Bloodspark.
    Beastial Strength: Kill Vlad with the White-Out.
    Cleric: Defeat Vlad as the Priest.
    Envoy: Defeat Vlad as the Emissary.
    Evil Unleashed: Die to Vlad.
    Executioner: Defeat Vlad as the Assassin.
    Foolish Mortal: Taunt Vlad.
    Hidden Power: Enchant your weapon.
    Ichor: Kill Vlad's Wife.
    Infiltrator: Defeat Vlad as the Spy.
    Legendary Oak: Kill Vlad with the Two handed Axe of the Oaken-Heart.
    Lich's Leech: Get the arm of the King of the Catacombs.
    Master of Armaments: Get all of the weapons for the Soldier.
    Master of Equipments: Get all of the weapons for the Explorer.
    Master of Magics: Get all of the weapons for the Mage.
    Menacing Flames: Kill Vlad with the Pole-Arm of Menace.
    Mercy Killing: Put the Red Harem out of their misery.
    Missing the point: Complete a quest in under 10 seconds.
    Mystery Gift: Recieve a mysterious silver stake.
    Paladin: Defeat Vlad as the Knight.
    Petrified: Kill Vlad with the Dagger of Perpetual Stone.
    Primal Power: Kill Vlad with the Primal Dirk.
    Prince of Wallachia: Get all the achievements.
    Righteous Path: Reach maximum good morality.
    See the Light: Convince Vlad to stop.
    Spooky Omens: Have a skeleton give you a prophecy.
    Traitor in Twain: Learn how traitors are treated in Istanbul.
    Unwelcome Visitor: Get to Vlad's Castle.
    Warlock: Defeat Vlad as the Sorceror.
    Whatever Means Necessary: Reach maximum evil morality.
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