Warhammer Quest

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Position your characters in the correct formation. Have the Marauder and Dwarf Ironbreaker in front to protect the Elf and Wizard in the back.


It takes longer to heal without bandages or food, but this should be done in dungeons where the end is far away. Unless they are in danger of dying after a battle, keep ending the turns, and use the mage to heal everybody for free.


Equipment slots are limited and should be filled carefully. The Ironbreaker should be slotted with powerful weapons and items that increase his toughness. The Marauder should have his strength boosted to increase his attacks. The Wizard should have his Magic Pool as high as possible.

Entering new areas

When entering a new area, make sure you have a full set of moves and your mage is at full mana.

Killing Bosses

Unless there are monsters around the Boss that can be targeted with Deathblow, immediately kill the Boss with everything you have available. The goal is to kill it before it moves. You can handle the smaller threats afterwards.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Answer Riddles in Amber: Answer all riddles correctly.
    Battle Mage: Have an Archmage reach Level 6.
    Battle Wizard: Have a Grey Wizard reach Level 6.
    BOOM!: Kill a boss in one hit.
    Bruiser: Level the Ogre Irongut to level 8.
    Chieftain: Have a Marauder reach Level 6.
    Cleanser of Reikland: Complete the final quest in Reikland.
    Critter-cised: Kill each type of Critter.
    Fanatic: Perform 7 consecutive Deathblows.
    Finish the game adventure: Finish the game on Adventure.
    Finish the game Casual: Finish the game on Casual.
    Finish the game hardcore: Finish the game on Hardcore.
    Forest Stalker: Level the Wood Elf Waywatcher to level 8.
    Friends Like These..: Knock a friendly warrior down by going berserk.
    Giant Slayer: Level the Dwarf Trollslayer to level 8.
    Green-skinner: Kill each type of Orc & Goblin.
    Gutlord: Level the Ogre Irongut to level 6.
    Gutting: Lose a Level 6 Warrior in Hardcore.
    Heads Up: Complete the final quest in Averland.
    Hero of Averland: Complete all settlement quests in Averland.
    Hero of Reikland: Complete all settlement quests in Reikland.
    Hero of Stirland: Complete all settlement quests in Stirland.
    I Cannot Tell a Lie: Admit that you failed to kill the Necromancer.
    Ironbeard: Have a Dwarf Ironbreaker reach Level 6.
    Keeper of Keys: Level the Bright Wizard to level 8.
    Legends No More: Unknown.
    Longbeard: Level the Dwarf Ironbreaker to level 8.
    Loremaster: Level the Archmage to level 8.
    Merchant: Sell over 200 items.
    Mislabelled: Unknown.
    My Bad: Knock a friendly warrior down instead of healing them.
    One of Three: Complete the final quest in Stirland.
    Onwards and Upwards: Level any warrior to Level 7.
    Orcologist: Unlock all Orc & Goblin journal entries.
    Orc's Bane: Kill 500 Greenskins.
    Pest Control: Kill 500 Critters.
    Protected by the Gods: A warrior is saved from permanent death by the Ring of Jade.
    Pyrology: Level the Bright Wizard to level 6.
    Roamer of Averland: Visit every settlement in Averland.
    Roamer of Reikland: Visit every settlement in Reikland.
    Roamer of Stirland: Visit every settlement in Stirland.
    Rodentologist: Unlock all Skaven journal entries.
    Savage: Level the Marauder to level 8.
    Servant of Ulgu: Level the Grey Wizard to level 8.
    Shadow Dancer: Level the Shadow Warrior to level 8.
    Shadow Sentinel: Have a Wood Elf Waywatcher reach Level 6.
    Shadow Walker: Level the Shadow Warrior to level 6.
    Sigmarite: Have a Warrior Priest reach Level 6.
    Skaven Slayer: Kill 500 Skaven.
    The Best Defence: Complete an entire adventure without healing any warriors.
    Theogonist: Level the Warrior Priest to level 8.
    True Slayer: Have a Dwarf Trollslayer reach Level 6.
    Well Learned: Complete quest 'Riddles in Amber' without answering a question incorrectly.
    Zoologist: Unlock all Critter journal entries.
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