The Witcher

Corey Feldman Interview

Infinite Talents

Note: This can only be done in unpatched versions of the game. When you gain a level, meditate and set your talent points as usual. After the meditation, go back to the Talents screen, and Right-click all of the Talents you just learned. You should hear a ringing sound, but no visual change. You can now meditate again and have all the Talents again.

Faster dice

While playing dice, hold the Right Mouse Button. The game will be slightly faster and easier to play when you do not have to wait for the dice animation.

Defeating Beast

Note: This can be done as of patch v1.2. There is a small crevice between the fence and a small hut to the top left corner of the field. Use this to regenerate health or use potions. Neither the dogs nor Beast will be able to get to you as long as you stay in this opening. Do not worry about the villagers or Abigail, as the dogs will not attack them. If you have upgraded Ard Sign for STUN, it makes the fight a lot easier. Aim for Beast, and cast your Sign. If he is stunned, simply do an auto-attack and you will trigger a one-hit kill.

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