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Easy money

This works easily if you have high experience in Herbalism, First Aid, Skinning, Leather Working, etc. Get the materials needed for what you want to make. For example, for First Aid, kill lots of humanoids for linen cloth, wool cloth, etc. Then, just sell the materials to an NPC. If you want more money (for example for Skinning and Leatherworking), make something out of the leather, then sell or auction it off at the nearest auction house.

In Ashenvalle, there are Rotting Slime that drop treasure chests with good items.

Easy experience

An easy way to increase the speed of leveling up is being rested. This will double the experience from killing enemies only. Discovering an area will not get you double the experience. An easy way to get rested is logging out at an inn. Whenever you know you are going to be away from the game for awhile, try to log out while inside an inn. This will get your player rested while you are away. To tell if your character is rested, look up at the circle next to his or her portrait where it shows your level. A "zzz" will be there instead of your level. This indicates that you are rested. You can also tell if you are rested by looking at your experience bar. The experience you have gained so far will be blue and all of the experience you gain will be blue until you pass the small marker on the experience bar.

Easy kills with Warlock

When you are a Warlock, use your Fireballs and Drain Soul powers together on an enemy. You must do some quests to get some of these powers. Note: This works most, but not all of the time.

Prairie Chicken

Go to Saldean's Farm in Westfall and find a chicken. Select it and type "/chicken" into the chat window. Note: Setting up a macro for this will make it go a lot quicker. Do this until "Chicken looks at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it?" appears in the chat window. It requires a lot of tries to do this; patience is required. If done correctly, right-clicking over the chicken should open a quest window. Accept it and purchase the Special Chicken Feed from Farmer Saldean. Return to the chicken, select it, then type "/cheer" into the chat window. Right click the chicken and complete the quest. If everything is done correctly, the chicken will now lay an egg. This egg is your new pet, a Prairie Chicken. -From:

Although the quest to obtain the Prairie Chicken is Alliance only, it is possible to get the chicken as a Horde member. Have a friend on an Alliance account do the quest and allow you to pick up the egg from the ground. Alternately, steal the egg when an Alliance member finishes the quest and the chicken lays its egg. This is an very rare pet in the Horde.

Where to find Ekeyakee

In the "Ekeyakee" quest given by Segra Darkthorn in the CrossRoads, go northeast to Grol'dom farm. Travel to the east side of the mountain, where you will find the bones of a Giant Kodo near a tree. Stand next to the head and blow the horn. Ekeyakee will appear, unless someone just killed him a moment ago. He will be standing next to the tail if done correctly, and is a level 16 White Lion. Remember that this is a quest, and if you kill him you cannot try again unless you get a friend to blow the horn and let you tame it. If this happens, he loses the horn. You can get a new one from Segra by abandoning the quest and getting it back from her.

Increase Enchant skill

Select Tailoring and Enchanting as your two professions, then kill a lot of Defias Thieves if you are in Elwynn Forest or Defias Looters, or Pillagers if you are in Westfall. Get a lot of linen cloth, then tailor a large number of bolt and shirts. Get your skill to about 40 or 50, then go to a Journeyman Tailor. Learn to create a red linen robe. Try Stormwind if you are human. Then, create some red linen robes. They are enchanted; use Disenchant to get a skill point in Enchant and either Lesser Magic or Strange Dust. Then, enchant people's bracers for free. Buy linen cloth from people and make more red linen robes and disenchant them. This requires some time and money, but it is much easier than any other way.


Give away free Enchants if people provide the materials or wait till you are over level 40 and have a mount and can use it. Then, buy lots of the same materials and repeatedly enchant the same item with the same enchant until it will not level you any more. Then, repeat the process. This will get you to a high Enchanting level quickly.

Easy kills with Warlock

While playing as a Warlock, use your Fireballs and Drain Soul powers at a time on an enemy. You must do some quests to get some of these powers. Note: This works most of the time.

Learning how to fish, cook, etc.

Go to a trainer and learn the basics. Once your done with the basic learning, open your ability book. The ability you learned should be there. Drag the ability to your action bar. Once there, click on it and it will probably say what kind of items you need or where to go. Note: You must have the correct weapons to do this. For example, for fishing you will need a Fishing Rod; and for Mining you will need a Mining Pick. From there, once you reach a certain level in your abilities you can upgrade your weapons.

Character development

For Warriors and Paladins, choose their job as a blacksmith. This will increase their experience faster than any rate. For Priests, Warlock, Mage, or Shaman, choose healing abilities, never blacksmith or fishing. This will slow your experience.

Lordz Of Brooklyn reference

In Goldshire, there is a man named Remy Two-Times. This is a reference to the Lordz Of Brooklyn group member Paulie 2times.

Romeo and Juliet reference

In Undercity, all of the bankers last names are Montague, which is a reference to the famous family which Romeo belongs to.

Float in midair

First, get to the Great Lift area in Thousand Needles. Wait for one of the lifts to go down and come back up. Try to jump on the lift as it is coming up. If you are successful, you should fall through the roof and go to the wooden floor. Do not move. When the lift goes down you will be standing at the top of The Great lift. If you move, you will fall and kill yourself. Additionally, when you are in Thunder Bluff or any other area that has a lift with a roof, wait until it goes down. When it starts coming up again, jump on the roof before it gets there and do not move. After it goes back down, you should be floating in mid-air where you hit the roof.

Press [Esc] and put the pointer under the "Logout" option. As you select the "Logout" option, jump. Note: This will not work in inns, and your timing must be precise.

Goblins twitch

After you kill a goblin such as a Grell or Grellkin from Telldrassill, look closely at the body. He will still blink and his thumb will slowly move up and down.

Defeating Vagash

To kill Vagash on the "Protecting The Herd" quest, it is easier just to get a group with a healer ranged and a meat.

Chat commands

Enter one of the following codes at the chat window to activate the corresponding effect:

Click on other player to spit on them/spit
Click on other player to cry on their shoulder/cry
Click on other player to wave at them/wave
Click on other player to flirt with them/flirt
Click on other player to blow a kiss/kiss
Clock on other player to mourn them/mourn
Gives current bind location/bind
Cast spells by name/cast
List guild commands /ghelp
List chat commands/chat or /chathelp
Your character follows selected player /follow or /f
Send message to party chat /party or /p
Send message to people near you /say or /s
Send reply to the last person who sent you a tell /r
List players online /who
Yell message to the area around you /yell or /y
Create an emote/em
Display amount of time game played with current character /played
Send text to channel number/[channel], /c, or /csay
Toggle join and leave announcements on channel/announcements or /ann
Set your Away From Keyboard flag/afk
Set Do Not Disturb flag/dnd
Ban or unban player from channel/ban
Unban player from channel/unban
List channels/chatlist
List channel members/chatwho or /chatinfo [channel]
Invite player to channel/cinvite or /chatinvite
Join channel/join, /channel, or /chan
Kick player from channel/kick
Leave a channel (or all channels) /leave, /chatleave, or /chatexit [channel]
Set player's moderator status/mod or /moderator
Remove player's moderator status/unmod or /unmoderator
Toggle moderation on channel/moderate
Change player's mute permission/mute or /unmute
Change player's squelch permission/squelch or /unsquelch
Change player's voice permission/voice or /unvoice
Change password/password or /pass

Guild commands

Enter one of the following codes at the chat window to activate the corresponding effect:

Basic information about guild /ginfo
Send chat message to all guild members /g
Send chat message to all guild officers /o
Invites player to join guild /ginvite
Remove player from guild /gremove
Promote player one rank within guild /gpromote
Demote player one rank within guild /gdemote
Set guild's message of the day /gmotd
Remove self from guild /gquit
Give entire guild roster /groster
Set another player as the guild master (guild master only) /gleade
Disband guild (guild leader only) /gdisband

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