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Each ability has three different levels with the listed attributes:

Dirty Pin

    Ability: Can be performed when the opponent is lying parallel to the ropes.
    Level 1: Decreases the opponent's kick out gauge by 26% but the chance that referee sees the pins is increased by 24%.
    Level 2: Decreases gauge by 44% but the chance of referee noticing is increased by 34%.
    Level 3: Requires a finisher, decreases gauge by 60%, and referee chance is increased to 50%.

Diving Pin Combo

    Ability: Allows a Superstar to perform a pin immediately following certain diving attacks.
    Level 1: Reduces opponent's kickout gauge by 10%.
    Level 2: Reduces by 20%.
    Level 3: Reduces by 30%.

Fan Favorite

    Ability: Increases the time window in which players must complete a Superstar's Comeback moment.
    Level 1: Increases by 13 seconds.
    Level 2: Increases by 16 seconds.
    Level 3: Increases by 21 seconds.

Immovable Object

    Ability: Can only be used by Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight Superstars. Decreases the chance that a Superstar will fall to his knees when hit by a strong or running strike.
    Level 1: Decreases the chance by 40%.
    Level 2: Decreases by 55%.
    Level 3: by 65%.


    Ability: Players have a stamina increase when their manager distracts the referee.
    Level 1: Provides a small boost.
    Level 2: Increases boost further by 50%. Only usable twice per match.
    Level 3: Increases boost further by 50%. Only usable twice per match.

Move Thief

    Ability: Steal an opponent's finisher and use it against them, disrupting their focus and causing them to lose stamina.
    Level 1: Ability can be used once per match.
    Level 2: Useable twice and increase the stamina lost.
    Level 3: Completely drains the opponent's stamina while allowing the move to be used once per match.

Pin Combo

    Ability: Allows a Superstar to perform a pin immediately following certain grapple attacks.
    Level 1: Reduces opponent's kickout gauge by 10%.
    Level 2: Reduces to 20%.
    Level 3: Reduces to 30%.


    Ability: Allows players to immediately kick out from the pinfall mini-game.
    Level 1: Requires a Finisher and can be done once per match.
    Level 2: Requires a Finisher but can be done twice per match.
    Level 3: Does not require a Finisher but can only be done once per match.

Ring Escape

    Ability: Allows Superstars to escape to ringside when they are down near the ropes.
    Level 1: Requires 75% of stamina bar to perform.
    Level 2: Reduces cost by 33%.
    Level 3: Reduces cost by 66%.

Rope Break

    Ability: Decreases the probability of the referee seeing the Rope Break of the opponent during the first pin count.
    Level 1: Decreases by 60%.
    Level 2: Decreases by 50%.
    Level 3: Decreases by 40%.

Ruthless Aggression

    Ability: While fighting at ringside, damage dealt from grapple and environmental attacks is increased.
    Level 1: Increased by 7%.
    Level 2: Increased by 11%.
    Level 3: Increased by 18%


    Ability: Damage inflicted by double team moves and Tag Team finishers is increased.
    Level 1: Deals 12% more damage.
    Level 2: Deals 17% more damage.
    Level 3: Deals 26% more damage.


    Ability: Decreases stamina cost of reversals.
    Level 1: Decreases by 10%.
    Level 2: Decreases by 30%.
    Level 3: Decreases by 50%.

Preset movesets

The indicated moveset is based on the corresponding wrestler:

    American Dragon: Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan
    Backbreaker Specialist: Roderick Strong
    Bucking Trends: The Young Bucks
    Charisma Personified: Jeff Hardy
    Gold Standard: Shelton Benjamin
    Jackson: Ezekial Jackson
    Jomo: John Morrison
    Olympic Hero: Kurt Angle
    Panama Playboy: Adam Cole
    Shake, Rattle & Roll: Road Dogg
    The Ace Of Japan: Hiroshi Tanahashi
    The Dude: Trent Barretta
    The Monster: Brodus Clay
    The Shoot Fighter: Katsuyori Shibata
    The Suplex Machine: Tazz
    WWE Legend 1: Eddie Guerrero

The indicated moveset is based on the corresponding wrestler in the "New Moves Pack" DLC:

Normal Moves

    630 Senton: Prince Puma
    Alabama Slam Facebuster: Bull Nakano
    Armbar / Leglock combo: Kyle O'Reilly
    Avalanche RamPaige: Paige
    Bang A Rang: Dalton Castle
    Black Magic: Low Ki
    Buzzsaw Kick: Tajiri
    Corner Springboard Enzuigiri: Nikki Bella
    Cradle Piledriver: Jerry Lynn
    Crossface Chickenwing: Stardust/Cody Rhodes
    Deadlift German Suplex: Neville
    Diving Corkscrew Moonsault: Johnny Mundo or Tetsuyo Naito
    Dragon Sleeper: Low Ki or Finn Balor
    Fireman's Carry Roundhouse: Prince Puma
    GTS / Penalty Kick combo: Katsuyori Shibata
    Gut Check / Sick Kick combo: Roderick Strong
    Hammerlock Armbreaker: Pentagon Jr.
    Inverted Alabama Slam: Cody Rhodes or Hardcore Holly
    Leaping Mushroom Stomp: Trevor Lee
    Prawn Hold: Zack Sabre Jr.
    Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver: Pentagon Jr.
    Rapid Fire Curb Stomps: Kyle O'Reilly
    Regal Cutter: William Regal
    Shouten: Hirooki Goto
    Sidewinder Suplex: Kevin Owens/Steen
    Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb: Kota Ibushi
    Sit-Out Pendulum Facebuster: JOHN CENA!
    Springboard Swanton: Sin Cara
    Strong Style Stomp: Shinsuke Nakamura
    Ura Shouten: Hirooki Goto
    Vertical Suplex Powerbomb: Trevor Lee or Kenta Kobashi

Tag Team Moves

    Back Suplex/Leg Drop Combo: War Machine
    Buckle Bomb/Enzuigiri Combo: The Young Bucks
    Superkick/Piledriver Combo: The Young Bucks
    Tag Buckle Bomb / Rope Grip High Kick combo: The Young Bucks

OMG Moments

    Suicidal Tornado DDT: Will Ferrara

Fighting styles

The indicated fighting style is based on the corresponding wrestler:

    Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal
    Aerialist 2: Rob Van Dam
    Aerialist 3: Jeff Hardy
    Aerialist 4: Sonjay Dutt
    Brawler 1: Johnny Gargano
    Brawler 2: Dana Brooke
    Brawler 3: Terry Funk
    Brawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme)
    Giant 1: The Great Khali
    Giant 2: King Kong Bundy
    Giant 3: Andre The Giant
    Giant 4: Tensai
    Powerhouse 1: Scott Steiner
    Powerhouse 2: Goldberg
    Powerhouse 3: Roderick Strong
    Powerhouse 4: Kenny Omega
    Showboat 1: Dusty Rhodes
    Showboat 2: Petey Williams
    Showboat 3: M.V.P. (Montel Vontavious Porter)
    Showboat 4: Scotty 2 Hotty
    Striker 1: Yoshi Tatsu/Naofumi Yamamoto
    Striker 2: Shinsuke Nakamura
    Striker 3: Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero
    Striker 4: Mike Tyson
    Technician 1: Konnan
    Technician 2: Colt Cobana/Scotty Goldman
    Technician 3: AJ Styles
    Technician 4: Trent Barretta

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Universe Master: WWE Universe - Play and win 50 matches.
    Road to WrestleMania: WWE Universe - Win WrestleMania main event as the Royal Rumble winner. (Single play)
    Attitude Adjustment: WWE Universe - Max any personality trait of a Superstar/Diva by playing in a match.
    Face of the WWE: WWE Universe - Create Major Shows for Mon-Sat and assign the same Superstar to each show.
    The Celtic Warrior: WWE Universe - Have a Superstar completely recover from a critical injury.
    Leave me alone!: WWE Universe - Inflict a critical injury status effect on an opponent in a match.
    Destined for greatness: WWE Universe - Stack both Momentum and Hot Streak statuses to 10 through gameplay or simulation.
    Actions speak louder than words: WWE Universe - Have the dominant personality trait of a Superstar/Diva change via gameplay.
    Future of the WWE: WWE Universe - Cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and win the Championship.
    Playing dirty: Win a match via dirty pin. (Single play)
    Gentleman in the ring: Push opponent into the ropes during chain wrestling to perform a clean break. (Single play)
    Now that's hardcore!: Hit an opponent with a foreign object or put them through a table. (Single play)
    Oh! My!: Put your opponent through the announce table via OMG! moment. (Single play/Exhibition)
    Over the ropes you go!: Eliminate 12 opponents with the same Superstar in a single Royal Rumble match. (Single play)
    Matchmaker: Win in 20 match variations. (Single play)
    Locker room rat: Complete a match with 50 different Superstars/Divas. (Single play)
    Unknown veteran: Win 10 times using a custom Superstar. (Single play)
    Tap! Tap! Tap!: Make an opponent tap out with a submission that is not a Finisher or Signature move. (Single Play)
    Tragic commentators: Destroy 2 announce tables within a single match. (Single play)
    This match won't end!: Successfully perform a major reversal. (Single play)
    This is my yard: Create a show that uses a custom arena and an imported logo for its show logo.
    Enter like a Champ: View an entrance scene that uses a custom Championship.
    Feed Me More: Use the quick edit function in a move set.
    Prospect: Earn the online rank "Prospect".
    Blue-Chipper: Earn the online rank "Blue-Chipper".
    WWE Live Star: Earn the online rank "Superstar".
    Teamwork is fun: Win a Team Up match.
    Tonight is the night: Win the main event in 2K Tonight.
    Austin 3:16: 2K Showcase - Complete the "Austin 3:16" scenario. (Single play)
    Showcase master: 2K Showcase - Complete all Bonus Matches. (Single play)
    Wrestling heritage: 2K Showcase - Complete all objectives.
    Don't trust anybody: 2K Showcase - Complete all Special Objectives.
    Stone Cold said so: 2K Showcase - Unlock and view all video replays and images in the gallery.
    We have a new Champion!: MyCAREER - Win the WWE Championship.
    My path starts here: MyCAREER - Complete the tutorial.
    Welcome to the main roster: MyCAREER - Get promoted to RAW.
    Big Four: MyCAREER - Participate in WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.
    Untouchable: MyCAREER - Get an overall value of 95 or more.
    Hall of Famer: MyCAREER - Get inducted into the Hall of Fame.
    Controller of my destiny: MyCAREER - Have main personality become Aggressive.
    Birth of an NXT Champion: MyCAREER - Earn the NXT Championship.
    Birth of an IC Champion: MyCAREER - Earn the Intercontinental Championship.
    Birth of a US Champion: MyCAREER - Earn the United States Championship.
    Birth of a Tag Champion: MyCAREER - Earn the Tag Championship.
    I am a Wrestling God: MyCAREER - Purchase all abilities that can be purchased.
    I am the best!: MyCAREER - Purchase all skills that can be purchased.
    Competent manager: MyCAREER - Purchase all managers that can be purchased.
    Phenom vs. Scorpion: WWE Universe - Win a WrestleMania match between Undertaker and Sting. (Single play)
    Giant spear: Execute a Big E Spear. (Single play)
    Lightning reflexes: Reverse a curb stomp with the RKO catch Finisher. (Single play)
    Suplex City: With Lesnar, execute "German Suplex 4" or "Back Suplex 2" 10 times in a single match. (Single play)
    What? What? What?: 2K Showcase WM19 scenario - Get out of 3 pins during the last Historical Objective.
    The start of a rivalry: MyCAREER - Become rivals with Tyler Breeze.
    I'm running in!: MyCAREER - Successfully perform 10 or more run-ins during entrances, or mid-match.
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