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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    10 Sages: Cleared Episode 3 "10 Sages".
    Atonement: Cleared Episode 11 "Atonement".
    Audiophile: You've played all songs in Music.
    Awakening Release!: Viewed all endings.
    Battle for Justice: Viewed Kuon's ending.
    CG Art gallery Director: CG's achievement 100%.
    CG Art gallery Manager: CG's achievement 75%.
    CG Art gallery Regular Customer: CG's achievement 50%.
    CG Art gallery Tourist: CG's achievement 25%.
    Conversations: Cleared Episode 6 "Conversations".
    Courting Catastrophe: Cleared Episode 7 "Courting Catastrophe".
    Demon's Roar: Cleared Episode 8 "Demon's Roar".
    Desired World: Cleared Episode 5 "Desired World".
    Encounters: Cleared Episode 1 "Encounters".
    Heresy: Cleared Episode 4 "Heresy".
    Hey! My eyes are up HERE!: You've read the profile of every character.
    I guess I could give it a look...: You've read a single TIPS.
    Irreconcilable Differences: Cleared Episode 7 "Irreconcilable Differences".
    It's Not Soylent Green. Stop Asking.: Experienced the hilarity of the gag scenario.
    OMG! They're so DREAMY...!: Opened a character's profile.
    Phenomena Observer: Completed all scenarios 100%! Good job!
    Photographic Memory(s): Unlocked all of the scene recaps.
    Plays with TOis!: You've read one TOi article.
    Preternaturally Literate: You've read 30 TOi articles.
    Raging against the Machine?: Reach a dead end without accessing TOi once.
    Salvation: Cleared Episode 9 "Salvation".
    Seriously... Unplug for a Second: You've read every single TOi article.
    Setting the Record Straight: You've seen all of the summaries (yup, all 110).
    Sin and Punishment: Viewed Mei's ending.
    Staying Informed: You've read 15 TOi articles.
    Stranger: Cleared Episode 6 "A Stranger".
    Successor to the Azure: Completed XBLAZE.
    The Black Beast: Viewed dark end.
    Unforgivable Sin: Clared Episode 2 "Unforgivable Sin".
    Wadatsumi: Cleared Episode 10 "Wadatsumi".
    Wassup, Poindexter?: You've read every single one of the TIPS.
    What You Want to Protect: Viewed Hinata's ending.
    XBLAZE: Viewed Es' ending.
    XBLAZE, IGNITE!: You've started your journey into the XBLAZE universe.
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