Ys 6: The Ark Of Napishtim


Easy "Legendary Red-Haired Stepchild" achievement

Start a new game on the Normal difficulty. It does not matter if you select Standard or Catastrophe mode. Advance to least Level 4, then progress to the first Boss. Before starting the fight, inflict the poison status on yourself with the flower monsters on the screen before the Fountain Of Prayer. Allow your health drop to 1. Avoid the save monument, and progress to the Boss. Defeat it without getting hit, which will be easy if you learn its simple pattern, to get the "Legendary Red-Haired Stepchild" achievement. You can retry the fight as many times as needed. Note: Gaining more levels will make the process easier.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    "Nonplased": Defeat Zonplas.
    Bag of No Tricks: Complete the game in Catastrophe Mode.
    Because It's There: Defeat Majuunun.
    Boss Rush'n Attack: Complete Boss Rush mode on any difficulty.
    Calamity Slain: Defeat the Wandering Calamity.
    Duels are Cool: Win the duel with Geis.
    For the Hoard: Acquire all equipment.
    Forgetting Sera's Marshal: Defeat Ud-Meiyu.
    It's Never Just a Statue: Defeat Orjugan.
    Legendary Red-Haired Stepchild: Win a boss fight with 1 HP remaining.
    Legendary Red-Haired Swordsman: Win a boss fight without taking a single hit.
    Tabula Amassa: Acquire every Tabulas.
    The Ark Lost: Destroy the Ark's Central Shaft.
    The Successor Fails: Defeat Ernst.
    The Wind of Zemeth: Obtain every other achievement.
    Wake Me Up: Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.
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