ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Alchemist: Score 50 Toxic Energy Combos.
    Armor-piercing: Exterminate 60 Tank Bugs.
    Blob: Score 50 Cold Plasma Combos.
    Chemist: Score 50 Molecular Combos.
    Crusher: Exterminate 70 Crusher Bugs.
    Electrified: Score 50 Electric Blast Combos.
    Evil Child: Exterminate 150 Mutant Ants.
    Evil Kid: Exterminate 1500 Atomic Ants.
    Extinguisher: Exterminate 420 Fire Scorpios.
    Freezer: Score 50 Space Cold Combos.
    Mobility: Exterminate 160 Paralyze Scorpios.
    Pop!: Exterminate 180 Exploder Ticks.
    Robotics: Destroy 300 Sentry Bots of all types.
    Snowball: Score 50 Cold Strike Combos.
    Stars My Destination: Complete all maps with at least 3/6 Stars score.
    Sting: Exterminate 380 Toxic Wasps.
    Thaw: Exterminate 150 Frost Wasps.
    The Five Hundred and Forty: Score Total PWNAGE 60 times.
    The One Hundred and Eighty: Score PWNAGE 60 times.
    The Three Hundred and Sixty: Score Massive PWNAGE 60 times.
    Trebuchet: Destroy 50 Tower type enemies.
    Unstable: Score 50 Frenzy Combos.
    Untouchable: Exterminate 80 Spitters.
    Wrestler: Score 50 Double Impact Combos.
    Yeti: Score 50 Frost Bitten Combos.
    You're an All-Star!: Complete all maps with the 6/6 Stars score.
    Zeus: Score 50 Lightning Bolt Combos.
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