Zoo Rampage


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Really HOT Dog: Destroy 10 hot dog stands.
    Catch Me If You Can!: Run over 250 zookeeper.
    Christmas Is Cancelled: Finish the "Arctic" level.
    Circle Of Life: Finish the "Africa" level.
    Fair Play!: Start the "Soccer Match" level.
    Feeding Time: Start the "Free Fish" level.
    First Blood: Run over 10 visitors.
    Frost Bite: Play as a snow tiger.
    Goal, Goal, Goooaaalll !: Shoot 25 goals.
    If The Oceans Die, We Die: Finish the "Free Fish" level.
    I'm Full: Eat 500 fish.
    I'm Gonna Be King Of Pride Rock: Start the "Africa" level.
    Just Smile And Wave Boys: Play as a penguin.
    Meow: Play as a tiger.
    Michael Bay: Destroy 5 gas tanks.
    Move!: Run over 5000 visitor.
    My Neck Hurts: Play as a giraffe.
    New Locals: Finish the "Outbreak" level.
    No Way Out: Start the "No Escape" level.
    One Horn To Rule Them All: Play as a rhino.
    Out Of My Way!: Run over 500 visitors.
    Poor Humans: Run over 2500 visitors.
    Poor Knut: Play as a polar bear.
    Rampage All Over The World: Finish all levels.
    Rampage Over 9000: Get over 9000 points.
    Rudolf: Play as a reindeer.
    Run For Your Life!: Scare 50 visitor.
    Shit Happens!: Destroy 15 toilets.
    Snap!: Play as a crocodile.
    Ssssssssnaaaake: Play as a phyton.
    Stripes, Stripes Everywhere: Play as a zebra.
    Superstar: Shoot 50 goals.
    Thanks For The Fish: Eat 250 fish.
    That's A Big One: Play as an elephant.
    They Act Like Us!: Play as a gorilla.
    Things Will Look Better In The Morning: Finish the "Jungle" level.
    Timber!: Destroy 15 trees.
    Up: Destroy 10 balloon stands.
    Urban Jungle: Start the "Outbreak" level.
    Welcome To The Jungle: Start the "Jungle" level.
    What A Match: Finish the "Soccer Match" level.
    What A Mess: Finish any destruction level.
    Where Is The Exit?: Finish the "No Escape" level.
    Winter Is Coming: Start the "Arctic" level.
    You Never Catch Me!: Run over 2500 zookeeper.
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