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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Android Custodian: Accompany 20 androids from Hamburg to RX-78 and then to Entropy. Report on HoTang for the next operation.
    Asteroid Mining Assistant: Secure Ozhron-7 to Dubrovnik M-2 shipment. Make sure that geological equipment from Dubrovnik-M2 to Newton arrives safely.
    Chief Communications Officer: Make sure the communications equipment is shipped safely from Sofia to Newton.
    Clear and Hold: Clear the route from Dubrovnik-M2 to Entropy and deliver the documents to the council on Entropy.
    Clearing Operation Squad Leader: Lead the android squad and clear the route from RX-78 to T-45.
    Communications Gap Filler: Escort the Arban station Commander and his intermediary team from Arban to Hawken, and then to T-45.
    Communications Skills Expert: Continue the investigation by going directly from Hawken to Entropy, then proceed towards Newton and finally to HoyMadar.
    Convoy Escort: Escort the convoy from London to Newton safely.
    Corps Diplomatique Licensee: Go from Ozhron-7 to York and take the Supreme Commander and Admiral from York to Hawken. Escort special cargo from Hawken to London.
    Crisis Intervention Officer: Protect the convoy and secure its passage from Newton to T-45 and then to HoTang.
    Defense Diagnostic Engineer: Take the York to Hamburg route, inspect for any defense deficiencies on Hamburg and deliver the Hamburg report on Hawken.
    Defense Enhancer: Take androids from Arban to Barthon for maintenance. Take orbiting sentry from Barthon to Dubrovnik-M2.
    Detour Driver: Drive the analytic experts team from Sofia via Mendez and Barthon to T-45.
    Economic Interests Protector: Escort the Commander of the Newton station from Newton to Ozhron-7.
    Endurance Tester: Accompany the Admiral from London to T-45 and then to HoTang.
    Fighter Test Pilot: Pilot safely Commander Roger Brown from Newton via Hoymadar to London. On London there is a Fighter Test Pilot accreditation waiting for you.
    Food Provider: Accompany HoTang Commander from HoTang towards Sofia, then escort the food shipment from Sofia to Entropy.
    Food Stocker: Protect the food supplies from HoTang to Barthon and Hawken.
    Guardian Angel: Guard the Entropy and Newton reinforcements. Take special equipment from Newton to Hamburg.
    Kill 1,000 Aliens: Kill 1,000 Aliens.
    Kill 1,000,000 Aliens: Kill 1,000,000 Aliens.
    Kill 100,000 Aliens: Kill 100,000 Aliens.
    Killed 100 Aliens: Killed 100 Aliens.
    Lead Dispatcher: Protect the shipment with communication storage device on its way from HoyMadar to T-45.
    London Defender: Get ASAP from York via HoTang to London with your best equipment.
    Military Code of Honor: Escort Arban's military solution envoy from Arban to Mendez and Ozhron-7.
    Military Police Officer: Go to HoyMadar for MP support and from there directly to Hawken to discuss the situation with Commander Anika Elli.
    Missing Persons Investigator: Start the search for Anika Elli on T-45. From there take route to Ozhron-7. If she is not there, continue the search on Arban and lastly on Mendez.
    Operation Seek & Find: Pursue the Hide & Seek Operation starting from Mendez via RX-78 towards HoTang.
    Popular Peacekeeper: Accompany Commander Miho Sukno from Dubrovnik-M2 to York and Arban for peace mission talks.
    Precious Metals Logistics Officer: Escort palladium shipment from Entropy to the T-45 station and gold shipment from T-45 to Ozhron-7.
    Security Officer: Ward the team of scientists from London and get them safely to Sofia.
    Sensitive Sensors Substitutor: Protect sensory equipment shipping from Barthon to York and HoyMadar.
    Sentry Officer: Get to Entropy, escort the orbiting station to Hamburg for the rearmament and make sure it gets delivered from Hamburg to London.
    Solar Division Admiral: Solar Division Admiral.
    Solar Division Captain: Solar Division Captain.
    Solar Division Commodore: Solar Division Commodore.
    Solar Division Fleet Admiral: Solar Division Fleet Admiral.
    Solar Division Fleet Commander: Solar Division Fleet Commander.
    Solar Division Lieutenant: Solar Division Lieutenant.
    Solar Division Lieutenant Commander: Solar Division Lieutenant Commander.
    Solar Division Rear Admiral: Solar Division Rear Admiral.
    Solar Division Starship Commander: Solar Division Starship Commander.
    Solar Division Vice Admiral: Solar Division Vice Admiral.
    Solar System Leakage Manager: Clean the route from London to the Sofia station. Make sure that the wormhole entrance is neutralized.
    Space Ace Fighter: Get from HoTang to Hawken in one piece. Take down as many alliens as possible. Talk with Anika Elli on Hawken and request reinforcements for London.
    Special Deliverer: Securely Deliver special cargo and message from Hoy Madar to Arban.
    Stalemate Breaker: Safeguard the cargo with space anomaly detection equipment from T-45 to York.
    Telemetry Transporter Escort: Secure radiation material load from Ozhron-7 to Barthon via Hamburg, ensure that telemetry equipment from Hamburg arrives safely to Barthon.
    The Final Confrontation: Get to T-45 via HoTang and Sofia. Expect extremely heavy combat on Sofia to T-45 route. Prevent Commander Elli from killing Commander Hyun.
    The Right Person for the Job: Protect the cargo on the route from Ozhron-7 to Arban and report for the duty there.
    Top Secret Clearance Holder: Get from T-45 to RX-78 via York and Hamburg.
    United We Stand: Get to York via Sofia, continue the diplomatic mission on Arban, then on London and unite the factions.
    Warmhole Patcher: Get from London to T-45 and talk to the Commander Hyun to cancel the mission and close the wormhole.
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