Ar Nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A Planet Reborn (Bronze): PHASE 3 completed.
    Acquired All Trophies (Platinum): Acquired All Trophies
    Beginner Chain (Bronze): Chained a few in a single battle.
    Burst (Bronze): Burst a little in a single battle.
    Burster (Silver): Burst quite a bit in a single battle
    Burstest! (Gold): Burst a lot in a single battle.
    Gourmet (Silver): Synthesized many items with Nay.
    Maniac Chain (Gold): Chained a lot in a single battle.
    Pro Chain (Silver): Chained quite a bit in a single battle.
    Purification with Cass (Silver): Chatted a lot with Cass in Purification.
    Purification with Ion (Silver): Chatted a lot with Ion in Purification.
    Science Girl (Silver): Synthesized many items with Sarly.
    So Many Birds (Silver): Synthesized many items with Kanon.
    The World Accelerates (Bronze): PHASE 2 completed
    The World Moves (Bronze): PHASE 1 completed.
    Troublemaker (Silver): Synthesized many items with Tattoria.

Additionally, there are ten secret trophies:

    Abandon All Else... (Silver): Saw the Shurelia ending.
    Bright World (Silver): Reached the end of Ion's Genometrics.
    Fun-Install (Gold): Repeatedly installed to breasts in Purification.
    I Refuse. (Bronze): Heartlessly refused Ion's request.
    Lots of Friends (Silver): Acquired all Friend Skills.
    Regional Nyuroki (Silver): Purchased all regional Nyuroki at shops.
    Reincarnation! (Gold): Succeed in reviving Prim.
    Thank you, see you again! (Gold): Saw Ion and Nelo off to the Will of Exapico.
    That's Not Right! (Silver): Healed the enemy with "Artificial Flower" Song Magic.
    True Treasure (Silver): Reached the end of Cass' Genometrics.
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