Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland

Note: This game is also titled Totori No Atelier: Arland No Renkinjutsushi 2.

New Game + mode

Successfully complete the game. Start a new game to begin with the money and equipment your earned with your characters from the previous game.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    First-Rate Adventurer (Platinum): Obtained all trophies.
    A Day in the Life (Bronze): Watch the opening event.
    Normal Ending (Silver): View the Normal Ending.
    Bad Ending (Bronze): View the Bad Ending.
    True Ending (Gold): View the True Ending.

Additionally, there are 24 secret trophies:

    Monstrous Power (Bronze): View Melvia's introduction.
    Like the Flash (Bronze): Get rescued on your way to Arland.
    Shouting Match (Bronze): Witness Cordelia and some other girl arguing.
    Catch of the Day (Bronze): Haul in a 'fishy fishy' from Alanya.
    Cuteness Swarm! (Bronze): See the event detailing Chim's birth.
    Tragic Discovery (Gold): Learn the final whereabouts of Totori's mother.
    Haunted Doll? (Silver): Learn the truth about Pamela.
    Unlikely Party (Silver): Reminisce with Rorona and her friends at Iksel's restaurant.
    Legendary Drunkard (Silver): Went with Tiffani and Filly to have a drink.
    Fishing Festival (Gold): Hold the swimsuit contest.
    Still a Child (Silver): View the event where Ceci embraces Totori.
    Chivalrous Defender (Silver): View the event where Gino learns his strongest skill.
    Ambushed (Silver): View the event where Melvia and Ceci are cornered.
    Aristocratic Love (Silver): View the event where Mimi tries to cheer Totori up.
    Arise, McVellion! (Silver): View the event where McVellion activates.
    Legendary 'Fish' (Silver): Learned the true nature of the 'Guardian.'
    Two Masters (Silver): See Gino's Ending.
    Promises (Silver): See Melvia's Ending.
    Adventurer BFFs (Silver): See Mimi's Ending.
    A New Journey (Silver): See Marc's Ending.
    Who's the Teacher? (Silver): See Rorona's Ending.
    Indecisive Knight (Silver): See Sterk's Ending.
    The Hardest Workers (Silver): See Chim's Ending.
    Alchemy Restaurant (Gold): With limitless funding, Totori opens a restaurant.
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