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Note: This game is also titled Battle Tanks.

Campaign battle tips

There are three objectives that must be completed to earn the maximum amount of stars and coins. Successfully complete the mission to get at least one star.

Do not spend coins to respawn in Single Player mode. Save your money to buy advanced tank parts. Only purchase items that are required to earn stars.

Multiplayer battle tips

Learn to shoot while moving, and use cover whenever possible.

Shoot at any target continuously. Unlike the CPU, a real opponent will probably be moving constantly. The more of your shells you have in motion in your opponent's area, the more likely you are to hit them.

Shoot at the power-ups. When health and temporary upgrades appear, players will rush to collect them. By firing a volley at the items they are trying to collect, you have a chance to take them out. This also increases the chance that you will be able to collect the power-up.

Extra coins

Besides defeating enemies, you can also earn coins by destroying the objects in each level. Collect the coins that may appear and complete the level to keep them.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Commando (Silver): Complete the game in campaign mode without seeing the game-over screen and without leaving the action. (1 or 2 players)
    Dodge Master (Bronze): Win a battle in Battle or Online Battle mode without getting hit.
    First Blood (Bronze): Destroy 1 enemy tank.
    Ludicrous Speed (Silver): Complete the game in campaign mode in 60 minutes or less without leaving the action. (1 or 2 players)
    Master Exploder (Bronze): Destroy 150 enemy tanks with a rocket launcher in any game mode.
    One-Tank Army (Bronze): Clear the game campaign mode in solo.
    Online Recruit (Bronze): Play 1 online game.
    Online Veteran (Bronze): Play 99 online games.
    Pyromaniac (Bronze): Destroy 150 enemy tanks with a flamethrower in any game mode.
    Rampage (Bronze): Destroy 25 enemy tanks without getting hit in any game mode in one game session.
    Tank of Doom (Gold): Destroy 10,000 enemy tanks.
    The Pacificator (Bronze): Survive 120 seconds in a battle without shooting in Battle or Online Battle mode.
    Winning Streak (Bronze): Win 10 battles in a row in Battle or Online Battle mode.
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