Blades Of Time



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies.
    Too Hot For You (Bronze): Kill Brutal Maul without being frozen by his shockwave.
    Brutal Kill (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies at the same time.
    Annihilation Kill (Silver): Kill 10 enemies at the same time.
    Famous Hunter (Bronze): Kill 1,000 enemies in total.
    Faster Than You! (Bronze): Use Counterattack 100 times.
    Grasshopper (Bronze): Use Dash 30 times without touching the ground.
    Curious (Bronze): Find half the notes.
    Collector (Silver): Find all the notes.
    Ready To Fight (Bronze): Find all types of equipment.
    Unstoppable (Bronze): Win any Outbreak match.
    Out of My Way (Bronze): Kill an enemy player in an Outbreak match.
    Outbreak Hero (Silver): Kill each Outbreak boss at least once.
    Experienced (Bronze): Play 5 Outbreak matches.
    I'm Rich (Bronze): Find all the chests in story mode on the Normal difficulty level.
    Treasure Hunter (Silver): Find all the chests in story mode on the Hard difficulty level.
    Double Attack (Bronze): Kill 25 heavy enemies using the Time Rewind double attack.
    Angry (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies during your Time Rewind Berserk buff.
    Rain of Bullets (Bronze): Shoot off Magic Armor from 50 enemies using Time Rewind clones.

Additionally, there are 17 secret trophies:

    Gather Chi (Bronze): Get the ability to gather Chi.
    Rifle (Bronze): Find the rifle.
    Coral Dash (Bronze): Get the ability to dash to corals.
    Enemy Dash (Bronze): Get the ability to dash to enemies.
    Time Rewind (Bronze): Get the ability to rewind time.
    Order Spell (Bronze): Survive Chaos event.
    Free to go! (Silver): Kill Gateguard.
    Clear the Jungle (Silver): Kill Shaman Boss.
    Your Fire Is Nothing (Bronze): Kill Shaman Boss without taking damage from his massive fire spell.
    Old Temple (Bronze): Reach the Sanctuary.
    World of Order (Silver): Defeat Skyguard Commander.
    Big Corpse (Gold): Defeat Giant Worm.
    Sky Islands (Gold): Leave the Sky Islands.
    Brutal Lands (Gold): Kill the Vicar of Chaos.
    Dragon (Bronze): Ayumi gets Dragon form.
    Keeper Is Dead (Gold): Finish game on any difficulty.
    Hard Times Are Over (Gold): Finish game on Hard difficulty.
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