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Classic costume

Get a "Gold" rank on all challenges to unlock the Classic costume.

Ultimate costume

Get 25,000 Intel points to unlock the Ultimate costume.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The First Avenger (Platinum): Complete all Trophies.
    Grace Under Pressure (Bronze): Achieved perfect timing x 5 while platforming.
    Back to Basics (Silver): 101 Grunts defeated.
    Snipe Hunt (Bronze): 25 Snipers defeated.
    Who's the Bully Now? (Silver): 101 advanced enemies defeated.
    And They All Fall Down (Bronze): 4 Enemies KO'd with a single Focused Shield Throw.
    Unfriendly Fire (Bronze): 10 Enemies defeated with a weaponized enemy.
    There Goes The Neighborhood (Silver): All AA cannons destroyed.
    Snap Together Soldiers (Bronze): 1st Enemy Schematic collected.
    Deconstruction (Bronze): All Enemy Schematics collected.
    Sewer Rat (Bronze): All 12 Sewer entrances used.
    Need a Head? (Bronze): 50 Statues destroyed.
    Hello God? It's Me, Zemo (Bronze): 1st Zemo Diary collected.
    Two Hands and a Sword (Silver): All Zemo Diaries collected.
    24 Frames a Second (Bronze): Found a Zola Reel.
    Slide Show Symphony (Silver): All Zola Reels collected.
    He Hates These Cans! (Bronze): Caused 500 objects to explode.
    Beautiful Mind (Bronze): 13 Enigma Keypads decrypted.
    Peaches 'n Cream (Bronze): 5 successful C3 placements.
    Put a Ring On It (Bronze): 3 mortar strikes successfully directed.
    Calling the Folks (Bronze): 5 HQ Radios located and used.
    Eggman (Bronze): 50 Ceramic Eggs collected.
    Four Score and Seven (Bronze): 1776 Intel Points collected.
    Star Spangled Superhero (Gold): 25000 Intel Points collected.
    Trench Foot (Bronze): Completed Prologue: Come and See.
    Just Stood There (Bronze): Completed 1st Chapter: Stand Alone Together.
    Overdue Notice (Bronze): Completed 2nd Chapter: The Flemish Farm.
    Trojan Splinters (Bronze): Completed 3rd Chapter: The Wooden Horse.
    Send a Post Card (Bronze): Completed 4th Chapter: Secret Journey.
    Fully Operational (Bronze): Completed 5th Chapter: The Big Red One.
    Existential Dilemma (Bronze): Completed 6th Chapter: Camus and the Fly.
    Real Men Read Ulysses (Bronze): Completed 7th Chapter: Icarus and Daedalus.
    Down in the Lab (Bronze): Completed 8th Chapter: To Have and Have Not.
    Touchdown (Bronze): Completed 9th Chapter: The Longest Yard.
    Taming of the Shrew (Bronze): Completed 10th Chapter: Keep Your Powder Dry.
    Pleasant Stroll (Bronze): Completed 11th Chapter: They Were Expendable.
    Train to Catch (Bronze): Completed 12th Chapter: Red Ball Express.
    Unnatural Resources (Bronze): Completed 13th Chapter: The Small Back Room.
    High and Low (Bronze): Completed 14th Chapter: Hell is for Heroes.
    Holding the High Note (Bronze): Completed 15th Chapter: When Trumpets Fade.
    Tank Me Later (Bronze): Completed 16th Chapter: Church On Time.
    Science and Spirit (Bronze): Completed 17th Chapter: The First of the Few.
    The Big Sleepover (Gold): Completed 18th Chapter: Went the Day Well?.
    To Your Credit (Bronze): Viewed the Credits to completion.
    Testing Waters (Bronze): 1 Challenge Mode completed.
    Tourist (Bronze): All Challenge Modes completed.
    Window Shopper (Bronze): All Challenge Modes unlocked.
    Begin a Trend (Bronze): 1st Gold awarded in a Challenge Mode.
    Freedom on a Roll (Bronze): 50% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode.
    Can't Stand Any Higher (Gold): 100% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode.
    Pow, Right in the Kisser! (Bronze): Performed 50 Crippling Strikes.
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