Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    First Timer (Bronze): Finish STORY MODE at difficulty "4".
    Hidden Secret (Bronze): Get Ending B.
    Story Teller of CHAOS (Bronze): See all Endings.
    Survivor (Gold): 50wins in SURVIVAL MODE.
    Money Worth (Bronze): Spend over 10 hours of Game Time.
    Battle Maniac (Bronze): Play over 200 player matches.
    Call Me Number One! (Bronze): Score over 5,000,000 points in STORY MODE at default setting.
    Unlocking Expert (Silver): Collect all illustrations and movies in GALLERY.

Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:

    Ultimate KO (Bronze): KO opponent by ULTIMATE CHAOS in STORY MODE.
    Perfection (Bronze): Win by Perfect in STORY MODE.
    Strategist (Bronze): Win by Time Over in STORY MODE.
    Deadly Blow (Bronze): Get hit by CELIA II's DESTRUCTION CHAOS in STORY MODE.
    Never Give Up (Bronze): Continue in STORY MODE for the first time.
    Hard Worker (Bronze): Spend over 1 hour in PRACTICE MODE at once.
    Character Love (Bronze): Use the same character more than 100 times.
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