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Arcade mode heroes

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding hero in Arcade mode:

    Hero: Reach Level 100 in Jetpack Wheelie.
    Jetpack Wheelie: Reach Level 100 in Classic.
    Masochistic: Reach Level 100 in Hero.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hero in the Making (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2.
    Danger Ahead (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4.
    The End? (Silver): Finish the Story.
    Shenanigans! (Silver): Complete Chapter 7.
    Cut the Cord (Bronze): Finish a bungee level with 3 dead allies.
    Clutch (Bronze): Score 500k in an arcade game.
    Double-Clutch (Silver): Score 1.5 million in an arcade game.
    Noob (Bronze): Die 1337 Times.
    Did You See That!? (Bronze): Get to level 20 while invisible in Escalation.
    The End of Infinity (Silver): Unlock every arcade game.
    My Beard is Impenetrable (Silver): Complete a chapter without dying.
    That Level Was Nuts! (Bronze): Save a level code.
    I Bet You Lost Count (Bronze): 1000! This is how many obstacles you have already seen.
    I've Bought the Power! (Bronze): Buy your first powerup.
    Jack of all Heroes (Bronze): Reach Hybrid Rush level 50.
    Look What You Have Done! (Bronze): Watch a replay with 50+ attempts.
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