Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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First Person Shooter mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock First Person Shooter mode. In this mode, you get infinite weapon ammunition. Additionally, you will be given a firearm when you start most levels.

Bonus items

Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding item:

    Mission 1: Silver brass knuckles, Gold fist blade
    Mission 2: Silver bullet proof vest, Gold flak jacket
    Mission 3: Gold taser 5 shots
    Mission 4: Holster
    Mission 5: Rubber soles


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock a PlayStation 3 Entitlement reward:

Single Player mode

    Anger Management: Complete 10 emotional responses.
    Beat Cop: Complete a mission.
    Big-Game Hunter: Take out 10 enemies with the antler.
    Final Word: Complete first environmental finishing move.
    GOOOAAAALLLL!: Take out 5 enemies with the fooseball piece.
    Sleuth: Get a Perfect score in a Forensic Event.
    Self Medicated: Need to heal yourself for 1000 points of health.
    Decisive Restraint: Don’t Kill a Single Museum Guard.
    EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area): Successfully execute 25 environmental finishing moves.
    Bloodshot: Complete missions 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 to unlock each new Fight Club.
    Flambe: Take out 10 enemies with the flask/taser fire attack.
    Investigator: Complete Mission (dev challenge mode).
    The Plumber: Take out 50 enemies with the pipe.
    Can You Hear Me Now?: All oro speakers destroyed.
    Chain Gang: Successfully execute each attack chain 5 times.
    Detective: Complete Mission (fps mode).
    Master Investigator: Earn the maximum amount of investigator points for all forensic sequences.
    Trooper: Complete All Missions (any difficulty).
    Tune In Tokyo: Collect all TVs in each Mission.
    Chief Investigator: Complete All Missions (dev challenge mode).
    Detective / First Grade: Complete All Missions (fps mode).
    Gold-Plated: Get the gold badge for every mission in any difficulty level.

Multiplayer mode

    Brick Wall: Complete 5 Successful Blocks.
    Just The Facts: Crime Scene: Collect the Evidence 10 Times.
    Punch-Drunk: Kill 10 Players with fists only.
    Sidekick: Assist in scanning evidence in Crime-Scene Mode.
    Ala Mode: Play 5 games in all MP modes.
    Collector: Successfully collect the evidence (as SCU) 5 times in Crime Scene mode.
    Defender: Successfully defend the evidence (as Infected) 10 times in Crime Scene mode.
    Magellin: Play each MP map 5 times.
    Rush Champ: Bum Rush: Eliminate the SCU 5 Times.
    Bum King: Survive Bum Rush match without firing a single shot as SCU 5 times.
    Cut-Throat: Perform 25 finishing moves.
    Restraint (Not): Win as SCU without firing a shot 10 times.
    Survivor King: Bum Rush: Survivor (SCU) 5 Times.
    MP Overachiever: Win a DM match (with at least 15 kills) without dying.
    Serial Killer: Kill 1000 players in MP.
    SKX: Kill 9 unique players with the Serial Killer reward.
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