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Note: This game is also titled Red Seeds Profile.

Bonus weapons

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding special weapon, which have infinite ammunition and do not degrade.

    .357 Magnum: Successfully complete Sidequest #11: "Snack For Willie" with all seven bones in your inventory. Then, find Forrest and Willie. Willie will take the bones. Find Forrest's truck, and take the bones back.
    10mm submachine gun: Successfully complete Sidequest #14: "Map To Psychic Spot A".
    12Ga shotgun CQB: Successfully complete Sidequest #15: "Map To Psychic Spot B".
    Axe: Re-enter the Sheriff Department Other World.
    Chainsaw: Re-enter the Harry's Mansion Other World.
    Grass Cutter: Re-enter the Community Center Other World.
    Light Sword: Successfully complete Sidequest #39: "Top Collector".
    RPG: Successfully complete Sidequest #16: "Map To Psychic Spot C".
    Wesley Special: Successfully complete Sidequest #50: "Ghost House Treasure".
    Wrench: Successfully complete Sidequest #29: "Engagement Ring".

Free items

Go downstairs at the Greenvale Sheriff's Office to the shooting range. Shoot a target until the "Item Acquired!" message appears. Turn around and collect the item. Note: Each target has a different item. This can be done as many times as desired.

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