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Secret Tavern room

Defeat the final Boss. A neon "Open" sign will now be lit on the second floor of the Tavern. Walk into the door below the sign to enter a secret room to find 10,000 mana, a unique weapon for each class, and a Secret Stash that acts as a normal forge.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Legendary Defender (Platinum): You have earned every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment! Trendy salutes you!
    Smithy (Bronze): You upgraded your first equipment. Keep it up!
    This Is My Weapon (Bronze): You upgraded an Equipment to its maximum potential!
    Obedience Training (Bronze): You raised a Pet to its maximum potential!
    Pupil (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 10.
    Veteran (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 30 .
    Defender of Etheria (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 70.
    To The Limit (Bronze): Wore a complete set of maximum level Equipments.
    From The Depths (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on any difficulty setting.
    To The Rooftops (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on any difficulty setting.
    A Taste of Victory (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on any difficulty setting.
    Dungeon Crawler (Bronze): Completed all levels on any difficulty setting.
    The Belly of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on Hard.
    The Body of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on Hard.
    The Crown of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on Hard.
    Dungeon Raider (Silver): Completed all levels on Hard.
    From Fire with Brimstone (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on Insane.
    Through The Crowded Keep (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on Insane.
    To The Lofty Summit (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on Insane.
    Dungeon Defender (Gold): Completed all levels on Insane! Congratulations Brave Dungeon Defender!
    Where's the Blueprints? (Bronze): Completed No Towers Allowed on Medium Difficulty.
    Friends Forever (Bronze): Completed Unlikely Allies on Medium Difficulty.
    88 Core (Bronze): Completed Warping Core on Medium Difficulty.
    Ella, Ella (Bronze): Completed Raining Goblins on Medium Difficulty.
    Wizard Hunter (Bronze): Completed Wizardry on Medium Difficulty.
    You No Take Mushroom (Bronze): Completed Ogre Crush on Medium Difficulty.
    Speed Freak (Bronze): Completed Zippy Terror on Medium Difficulty.
    In A Fowl Mood (Bronze): Completed Chicken on Medium Difficulty.
    Core Cardio (Bronze): Completed Moving Core on Medium Difficulty.
    Monster Mania (Bronze): Completed Death From Above on Medium Difficulty.
    Core Destroyer (Bronze): Completed Assault on Medium Difficulty.
    Gold Rush (Bronze): Completed Treasure Hunt on Medium Difficulty.
    A Challenger Approaches (Silver): Completed All Challenges on INSANE Difficulty!
    Weapon Master (Silver): Completed No Towers Allowed on Insane Difficulty.
    Kobold Exterminator (Silver): Completed Zippy Terror on Insane Difficulty.
    Monster Madness (Silver): Completed Death From Above on Insane Difficulty.
    Dancing in the Rain (Silver): Completed Raining Goblins on Insane Difficulty.
    Gold Blitz (Silver): Completed Treasure Hunt on Insane Difficulty.
    Ogre Block Party (Silver): Completed Ogre Crush on Insane Difficulty.
    Survivalist (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 15 on Medium Difficulty.
    Thick Skin (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 20 on Medium Difficulty.
    Tough Guy (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 15 on Hard Difficulty.
    Iron Man (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 10 on Insane Difficulty.
    Defense Is the Best Offense (Bronze): Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on Medium Difficulty.
    True Nobility (Bronze): Earned the Lord Award on Medium Difficulty.
    O Mighty Smiter! (Bronze): Wore a full set of Godly Items.
    Divine Intention (Bronze): Picked up a Godly Weapon.
    Perfectionist (Bronze): Earned the Flawless Victory Award on at least 6 Missions on Normal Difficulty.
    Daredevil (Bronze): Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 6 Missions.
    Mastermind (Bronze): Earned the Master Strategist Award on all Missions.
    Brute Force (Bronze): Earned the Gunslinger Award on all Missions.
    Team Effort (Bronze): Completed all levels with 4 active players on Medium Difficulty.
    A Matter of Perspective (Bronze): Saw all four Hero endings.
    Group Hug (Silver): Raised a Hero of each type to Level 70.
    Catch 'em All (Bronze): Stored all Familiar types in your Item Box or on your Heroes.
    Master Banker (Bronze): Stored 15,000,000 Mana in your Mana Bank.
    Good Student (Bronze): Completed the Tutorial. You deserve a cookie!
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