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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Level Up (Bronze): Gain a level with on character.
    Level 10 (Bronze): Reach level 10 with one character.
    Level 25 (Bronze): Reach level 25 with one character.
    Level 50 (Bronze): Reach level 50 with one character.
    Level 75 (Bronze): Reach level 75 with one character.
    League of Kings (Bronze): Kill the Goblin King with more than one player present.
    One For All (Bronze): Beat the final boss in a 4-player multiplayer game.
    Potion Addict (Bronze): Drink 200 potions with one character.
    Rich King (Bronze): Earn 1,000,000 gold with one character.
    Tyrant (Bronze): Kill 10,000 monsters with one character.
    Destroyer (Bronze): Destroy 1,000 barrels with on character.
    Devoted King (Bronze): Complete all quests on Hero difficulty.
    Skillful King (Bronze): Kill a boss only using skills (no basic attacks).
    Brutal King (Bronze): Kill a monster in a single blow.
    The Warrior King (Bronze): Beat the game as a warrior.
    The Rogue King (Bronze): Beat the game as a rogue.
    The Mage King (Bronze): Beat the game as a mage.
    Legendary King (Silver): Beat the game on Legend difficulty.
    The Ultimate King (Silver): Beat the game with all 3 character classes.
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