El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron

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Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game. Then, select the "New Game" option to be able to choose an alternate costume for Enoch. To unlock the other alternate costumes, complete the following tasks:

    Dark Enoch: Successfully complete Chapter 8 with an "A" or better rank.
    Old Armor A (Blue): Successfully complete the game.
    Old Armor B (Brown): Successfully complete the game.
    Rider: Successfully complete Chapter 6 with an "A" or better rank.
    Special: Collect all Ishtar Bone Fragments from the Darkness Portals. Note: While wearing this costume, you will not take damage, but will not get points for fighting or collecting items.

Hard and Extra modes

Successfully complete the game on the Easy or Normal difficuty to unlock the Hard and Extra difficulties.

Darkness Portal locations

Search the indicated locations to find all six Darkness Portals:

    Chapter 2: After getting the Gale, you will reach a series of spinning platforms. At the second spinning platform, you will see a floating platform off to the right. Double jump, and use Gale's Guard-Jump to cross the last part of the gap to find a Darkness Portal.

    Chapter 3: Shortly after the battle with the Watcher Sariel, jump to the roof of the path, and follow it. Eventually you will reach a Darkness Portal.

    Chapter 4: Check the lower end of the platform with Lucifel's last save point in the chapter to find a Darkness Portal.

    Chapter 5: Immediately after the battle with the Watcher Ezekiel, move around the stone structure to find a Darkness Portal.

    Chapter 7: After the cutscene where Enoch first meets the little girl and her Nephilim, navigate the cliffs to the left of the area to find a Darkness Portal on top.

    Chapter 10: Before the Boss arena, Enoch must cross a gap using a moving bridge. Jump and follow the platforms that move closer to the left side of the screen. Eventually the caterpillar platform will reach a floating island to the left. Jump to it to find the final Darkness Portal.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Angels (Bronze): Finish all chapters at the EASY difficulty level.
    Principalities (Bronze): Finish all chapters at the NORMAL difficulty level.
    Benevolent Missionary (Bronze): Defeat more than 500 enemies.
    I'll take the best you have. (Bronze): In Chapter 10, take all weapons from all enemies and complete the chapter.
    Time In The Spotlight (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies during Armaros show.
    Benevolent Savior (Silver): Defeat more than 1000 enemies.
    Living Miracle (Silver): Finish all chapters without a single Game Over.
    Adept (Silver): Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Easy difficulty level or higher.
    Dominions (Silver): Finish all chapters at the HARD difficulty level.
    Seraphim (Gold): Finish all chapters at the EXTRA difficulty level.
    Conqueror (Gold): Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Hard difficulty level or higher.
    Lord of the Metatron (Platinum): Earn all of the trophies.

Additionally, there are 38 secret trophies:

    The Journey Begins (Bronze): Finish Chapter 00.
    Journey's End (Bronze): Finish Chapter 01.
    Welcome to the Tower (Bronze): Finish Chapter 02.
    An Unfriendly Greeting (Bronze): Finish Chapter 03.
    Nephilim Party (Bronze): Finish Chapter 04.
    Visitor from Beyond Time (Bronze): Finish Chapter 05.
    Unnatural Evolution (Bronze): Finish Chapter 06.
    A Warm Welcome (Bronze): Finish Chapter 07.
    Aren't You Happy, Too? (Bronze): Finish Chapter 08.
    Welcome Back, Enoch (Bronze): Finish Chapter 09.
    My Beautiful Children... (Bronze): Finish Chapter 10.
    The Last Job (Bronze): Finish Chapter 11.
    Escape From The Darkness (Bronze): Finish the Darkness stage.
    What's Yours Is Mine (Bronze): Acquire all the Pearls from the servant beasts.
    Good Listener (Bronze): Obtain all of the Freemen's Notes.
    Out of Control (Bronze): Break 100 destroyable objects.
    Show No Mercy (Bronze): Execute 100 Guard Breaks.
    Your Weapons Are Your Best Friends (Bronze): Have your weapon destroyed.
    Quite a Find (Bronze): Collect the Eyes of Truth.
    Rest in Peace (Bronze): Defeat 50 of Souls of the Beloved
    I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 1 (Bronze): Defeat Nether Sariel without executing a recover.
    I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 2 (Bronze): Defeat Nether Ezekiel without executing a recover.
    I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 3 (Bronze): Defeat Nether Azazel without executing a recover.
    I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 4 (Bronze): Defeat Dark Armaros without executing a recover.
    Arch Master (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with Arch.
    Veil Master (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with Veil.
    Gale Master (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with Gale.
    Martial Arts Master (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies with bare hands
    Pushing the Limit (Bronze): Launch an Overboost.
    A Reliable Friend (Bronze): Raise your boost level to 10.
    Hunter-Gatherer (Bronze): Take 100 weapons from enemies.
    Indomitable Soul (Bronze): Execute 50 recovers.
    Battle for Honor (Bronze): Register for the SCORE RANKING.
    The armor okay? If not, I could... (Bronze): Finish Chapter 10 without taking any weapons from enemies.
    I Will Mourn You (Silver): Obtain all entries in the Prophecies of Ishtar.
    My Acrobatic Friend (Silver): Finish Chapter 08 without dying.
    Counterstrike Artist (Silver): Execute 100 Perfect Guards.
    No Problem (Silver): Finish any chapter without collecting any armor-recovery items.
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