F1 2014

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    F1 Hall Of Fame (Platinum): Acquire every trophy in F1 2014.
    It's Really Easy! (Bronze): Complete the Evaluation Test.
    Hardcore Racer (Bronze): Be recommended for the hardest preset Difficulty in the Evaluation Test.
    Back In Time (Bronze): Use a Flashback.
    I'll Be Back (Bronze): Perform a Mid-Session Save.
    Now Or Never (Bronze): Set a valid lap time in One-Shot Qualifying.
    One Shot At Glory (Bronze): Take pole position in One-Shot Qualifying.
    Purist (Bronze): Win a race with all driver assists disabled.
    Fine Tuned (Bronze): Finish a race using a custom car setup.
    The Long Road (Bronze): Complete a 25%+ distance race.
    Grand Prix Legend (Silver): Finish a race at every circuit.
    Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Complete your first Season Challenge race.
    Stepping Up (Bronze): Win your first race in Season Challenge.
    Boxes Ticked (Bronze): Pass all of your objectives over a race weekend in Season Challenge.
    One Down (Bronze): Beat your first rival in Season Challenge.
    Domination (Bronze): Beat four rivals in one season in Season Challenge.
    Home Sweet Home (Bronze): Stay with the same team through the whole season in Season Challenge.
    Reunion (Bronze): Return to your starting team in Season Challenge.
    Playing The Field (Bronze): Race for five different teams in Season Challenge in a single season.
    Challenge Completed (Bronze): Complete Season Challenge.
    Well Seasoned (Bronze): Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge.
    Eat My Dust (Bronze): Set the fastest lap time in every session of a long race weekend in Career.
    Doing It The Hard Way (Silver): Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge on hard difficulty.
    The First Step (Bronze): Complete your first race in Career.
    Career Focussed (Bronze): Win your first race in Career.
    Leader Of The Pack (Bronze): Take pole position in Career.
    Zero To Hero (Bronze): In Career, qualify last, but finish first.
    Jumping Ship (Bronze): Move to another team mid-season in a long Career.
    Short Haul Driver (Bronze): Complete a Short Season in Career.
    Lucky 7 (Bronze): Win the Drivers' World Championship in a Short Season Career.
    Mid-distance Driver (Bronze): Complete a Medium Season in Career.
    The Dirty Dozen (Silver): Win the Drivers' World Championship in a Medium Season Career.
    Long Haul Driver (Bronze): Complete a Full Season in Career.
    Full House (Gold): Win the Drivers' World Championship in a Full Season Career.
    Constructors' World Champion (Gold): Win the Constructors' Championship in Career.
    Squeaky Clean (Bronze): Set a clean lap time in Time Trial.
    Mr Consistent (Bronze): Set clean lap times at 10 different circuits in Time Trial.
    It's About Time (Bronze): Set a time in any Time Attack scenario.
    Time Lord (Bronze): Set a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios.
    Ghost Buster (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in all of the Time Attack scenarios.
    The First Of Many? (Bronze): Earn a medal in Scenario Mode.
    Bronzed (Bronze): Earn every Bronze medal in the very easy set in Scenario Mode.
    Age of Bronze (Bronze): Earn every Bronze medal in the easy set in Scenario Mode.
    Silverado (Bronze): Earn every Silver medal in Scenario Mode.
    Gold Run (Bronze): Earn every Gold medal in Scenario Mode.
    A Game Of Two Halves (Bronze): Complete a race in Split Screen.
    Get Yourself Connected (Bronze): Complete your first race online.
    Stay Connected (Silver): Complete 25 online races.
    Always Connected (Silver): Complete 50 online races.
    Better Together (Gold): Win the Drivers' or Constructors' Championship in Co-op.
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