Fairytale Fights




Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Incredible Combo! (Bronze): Perform a 50 hit combo.
    The Sky is the Limit (Bronze): Perform an aerial combo.
    King for a Day (Bronze): Win an Arena chapter without dying.
    Pacifists Finish Last (Bronze): Lose an Arena chapter without killing.
    King Pushy (Bronze): Win an Arena chapter by using push only.
    Unstoppable (Bronze): Win 5 Arena chapters in a row in 1 play session.
    Beaver Killer (Bronze): Defeat The Log Champion.
    Real Beaver Killer (Bronze): Defeat The Log Champion again.
    Puppet Master (Bronze): Defeat Pinocchio.
    Go Eat Your Own House (Bronze): Defeat Hansel and Gretel.
    And All is Quiet Again (Bronze): Defeat The Pied Piper.
    The Witch is Burned (Bronze): Defeat The Candy Witch.
    I Didn't Want Her Anyway (Bronze): Defeat The Little Giant.
    Beat up the Bully (Bronze): Defeat The Little Giant again.
    Turning a Blind Eye (Bronze): Defeat Father Giant.
    Left the Tailor in Stitches (Bronze): Defeat The Little Tailor.
    Hand Holder (Bronze): Complete game on easy mode with multiple players.
    Hero (Bronze): Complete game on easy mode single player.
    Wheeeeeee! (Bronze): Slide 330 feet continuously through blood.
    Master Slicer (Bronze): Slice 250 enemies with a sharp weapon.
    KABLAM! (Bronze): Crush 250 enemies using a blunt weapon.
    Strike a Pose! (Bronze): Stun 50 players using the love potion or love wand.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Open all treasure chests.
    Weapons Are For Babies (Bronze): Kill 250 enemies without using any weapons.
    Lazy Bastard (Bronze): Remain in Taleville for more than 15 minutes.
    Closed 'The Lumberjack Lands' (Bronze): Complete all the chapters in 'The Lumberjack Lands'.
    Closed 'The Candy Castle' (Bronze): Complete all the chapters in 'The Candy Castle'.
    Closed 'The Little Kingdoms' (Bronze): Complete all the chapters in 'The Little Kingdoms'.
    Closed 'The House in the Clouds' (Bronze): Complete all the chapters in 'The House in the Clouds'.
    Closed 'Who's Famous Now!' (Bronze): 'Who's Famous Now!' will be Remembered.
    "Fairytale Land" is Painted Red (Bronze): Spill 10,000 gallons of blood.
    "Fairytale Land" is Sucked Dry (Bronze): Collect 1,000 000 riches.
    Notorious (Silver): Win 100 Arena chapters.
    Variety is the Spice of Life (Silver): Complete Stuffy the Taxidermist's collection by defeating all enemies.
    Sharing Celebrity (Silver): Complete game on medium mode with multiple players.
    Dream Team (Silver): Complete game on hard mode with multiple players.
    Legendary (Silver): Complete game on medium mode single player.
    Heroic Ever After (Silver): Complete single player on hard mode.
    Whoooaaaa! (Silver): Slide through blood continuously for 3 minutes.
    Who Wants My Autograph? (Silver): Complete all chapters from start till end with at least an A or A+ Grade.
    Mine! (Gold): Collect all weapons.
    King Bling (Gold): Buy all statue upgrades.
    Victorious! (Platinum): Unlock all Trophies!

Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:

    A Royal Pain (Bronze): Play as the Naked Emperor and kill 7 princes with the invisible sword in 1 play session.
    Basket Case (Bronze): Play as Little Red Riding Hood and kill 7 bunnies with a basket in 1 play session.
    That's Gratitude for You (Bronze): Play as Snow White and kill 7 dwarves in 1 play session.
    Secret trophy (Bronze): Play as Beanstalk Jack and get killed by The Little Giant.
    Good for Your Eyes! (Bronze): Kill a bunny with a carrot.
    Village Drunk (Bronze): Drink 1000 potions.
    Got My Wish (Bronze): Receive an trophy from a wishing well.
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