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Play as Grim Reaper

At the main menu, select the "Play With Yourself" option, then choose the "Mess About" selection. Select any desired game type. Start the game, then press Start to pause. Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Start, Circle to play as the Grim Reaper. Alternately, have the highest score on the winning team to turn into a Grim Reaper with unlimited life.

Play as a Giant Chicken

Have the highest score on the losing team to turn into a Giant Chicken with unlimited life. You can lay a rainbow egg that will turn another player into a Reaper.

Class tier list

Classes have the following progressions:


    Red Princess
    Grim Reaper
    Prince Albert


    Blue Princess
    Giant Chicken
    Huge warrior in Gladiate

Brahsome Tier

    Dark Priest
    Light Priest
    Sword Warrior
    Bow Ranger
    Bomb Worker


    Axe Worker
    Mage (both)
    Halberd Warrior


    Shotgun Ranger

Easy "1-800-CAKE", "Thuggee", and "Who's Your Daddy?" trophies

Playing the soccer mini-game online. You should face mostly bots. Toss bombs around the ball to increase your kill count quickly.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    1-800-CAKE (Bronze): Kill 2253 players online with at least 50 kills using each class.
    Cake or Death (Bronze): Win 100 online games.
    Chubby Chaser (Bronze): Protect and escort the Princess 20 tims in online games.
    Don't Make Me Slap You! (Bronze): Slap 20 objects out of enemy's hands in online games.
    Father McHealy (Bronze): Heal teammates for a total of 500 hearts in online games.
    Fed Zeppelin (Bronze): Rescue the Princess by using the enemy's Catapult in an online game.
    Gluteus Maximus (Bronze): Defeat all Gladiate arenas.
    Got wood? (Bronze): Deliver 15 resources of wood or metal to the team's stockpile in online games.
    Half the Calories Eat Twice as Much (Bronze): Feed the Princess 1500 calories of food in a single online game.
    I need a hammer... (Bronze): Build 30 Castle upgrades or Siege Weapons in online games.
    Little Pecker (Bronze): Kill an enemy as a chicken in an online game.
    Oh, It's On! (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies with any combination of classes in online games.
    Operation Eagledrop (Bronze): Fly 2000 meters in online games.
    Ring Sting (Bronze): Heal, Burn, Curse and Freeze 6 characters at the same time in a single online game.
    Shish Kebab (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies using the Fire Torch upgrade in online games.
    The cake is not a lie! (Bronze): Complete The Legend of the Fat Princess.
    The Dark Side (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies by only using Dark Magic in online games.
    This is Caketown! (Bronze): Block 100 projectiles with your shield in online games.
    Thuggee (Bronze): Kill 88 enemies in a single online game without dying.
    Who's Your Daddy? (Bronze): Kill 6 enemies within 1 second in an online game.
    You're Not Cooking... (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with Fire magic in online games.

The following trophies require the "Fat Roles Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    A Pirate's Life For Me (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies with the Pirate in online games.
    A Smashing Good Time (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies with the Giant in online games.
    Ninjas Are Better Than Pirates (Silver): Assassinate 20 Pirates within a single game as a Ninja in online games.
    Pirates Are Better Than Ninjas (Silver): Annihilate 20 Ninjas within a single game as a Pirate in online games.
    Precious Moments (Gold): Assassinate 100 players with invisible as the Ninja; obliterate 100 enemies with the Pirate's cannon balls; chew 100 enemies as the Giant in online games.
    Where All My Ninjas At? (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies with the Ninja in online games.
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