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Fifth difficulty level

Successfully complete all challenges listed in Challenge mode from any two zones to unlock the fifth difficulty level.

99 overall player

Use the following trick to get your player up to 99 overall a lot faster. Before you start, make sure that the player you want to upgrade is your arena player.

    1. Save enough points to buy all the experience packs in the shop. This should not take too long.

    2. Once you have enough, save it onto a second personal settings as well as your first.

    3. Buy all the experience packs in the shop, and save as normal. It should save to personal settings 2 and your squads.

    4. Use all the experience points on your chosen player.

    5. Save the game as normal.

    6. Load personal settings 1.

    7. Save it to personal settings 2 again.

    8. The experience packs should now be available in the shop again, and you should have your points back.

    9. Buy them again and save as normal. It should save to personal settings 2 and squads as before.

    10. Use all the packs on your player again.

    11. Save as normal.

    12. Repeat steps 6 through 11 to keep increasing your player's stats until he reaches 99 overall.

    13. Once your player is 99 overall, save and load personal settings 1.

    14. Save it to personal settings 2.

    15. Load personal settings 1 again.

Your chosen player will have 99 overall, you will still have all the points you had before to spend on whatever desired, and have personal settings 2 to use in case you want to do this again.

Keeping players longer in Manager mode

Before you start Manager mode with a team, edit the age of the players so they play longer for your team. For example, with Liverpool's Steven Gerrard (age 28) might play for five years. However, Steven Gerrard (age 14) will play for at least twenty more years.

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