Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Special Agent Of Providence (Platinum): Unlock all Generator Rex trophies.
    Bad Axes! (Bronze): Acquire the Bad Axes.
    Blast Caster! (Bronze): Acquire the Blast Caster.
    Agent Of Providence (Gold): Finish the campaign.
    Nanite Hacker (Bronze): Gather all computer info from Dr. Rylander's Lab.
    Memories (Bronze): Get the first item of Rex's Past.
    Get Your Scrapbook Ready (Silver): Collect all items of Rex's Past.
    First Step To The Date (Bronze): Collect the 1st sample for Doctor Holiday.
    Impressing Doctor Holiday (Bronze): Collect all the samples of any 2 EVOs.
    Date With Doc (Silver): Collect all the samples for Doctor Holiday.
    Getting Stronger... (Bronze): Purchase an upgrade.
    Master Of Machines (Bronze): Purchase all upgrades.
    All Boxed Up (Bronze): Open 30 Supply Boxes.
    Bleach Protocol (Bronze): Defeat 200 enemies.
    Feeling Punchy? (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies with the Smack Hands.
    Slice N' Dice (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies with the BFS.
    Blaster Master (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies with the Slam Cannon.
    Bustin' Some Punks (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies with the Punk Busters.
    M. Rex (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies with Omega Builds.
    Killer Combo (Bronze): Get a 20 hit combo.
    Ultra Combo (Gold): Get a 60 hit combo.
    Too Easy (Bronze): Beat One Agent Six Time challenge level.
    Call That A Challenge? (Silver): Beat any One Agent Six Time challenge in under 10 minutes.
    Better Than Six (Gold): Beat all Agent Six Time challenges.
    And Away They Go! (Bronze): Knock 20 EVOs out of the world.
    Human Bullet (Silver): Collect all the Nanites and do not get hurt in sky diving.
    Radical Rex Ride! (Silver): Kill all EVOs and take no damage in Rex Ride.
    Collateral Damage (Bronze): Indirectly defeat 30 EVOs.
    Escape Artist (Bronze): Successfully wiggle free of 20 Spider Webs without taking damage.

Additionally, there are 15 secret trophies:

    Threading The Needle (Bronze): Successfully fly through the circular debris while Sky Diving.
    Training Complete (Bronze): Complete the tutorial in Mexico.
    U-G-L-Y... (Bronze): Defeat The Multi-Head EVO.
    I Hate That Bunny (Bronze): Defeat the EVO Death Bunny.
    Not Just A Pretty Face (Bronze): Solve the puzzle in the Temple.
    Circe... (Bronze): Encounter Circe.
    Funchucks! (Bronze): Recover the Funchucks in Hong Kong.
    Damsel In Distress (Bronze): Save Doctor Holiday.
    Van Kleiss! (Bronze): Defeat Van Kleiss in Providence.
    Big Bad Wolf (Bronze): Defeat Biowulf.
    Deep Sea Rescue (Bronze): Cure Aquania.
    Out Of Pocket (Bronze): Defeat Breach.
    Rev Your Engine! (Bronze): Complete the Rex Ride sequence.
    Omega Victory (Bronze): Defeat Giant Van Kleiss.
    Stone Cutter (Silver): Beat Quarry in 2.5 minutes or less.
    Flawless Victory (Silver): Defeat Van Kleiss in Abysus Castle without taking any damage.
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